Pink Rabbit Earrings

My first post on my brand new craft blog! I hope (emphasis on the hope there) to update ever so often with things that I have made. My blogging history is not very good, my stick-ability with something like a blog is not very strong and I tend to forget to update or give up after a month or two. 

I will also take this moment to apologise for the lack of photography expertise. 

These earrings are the first craft using my brand new fimo set which I received for Christmas. It has taken me a while to get round to using the set as I had to go to Hobbycraft to purchase some earring backs. 

Fimo has the amazing ability to be blended into a multitude of colours, a feature that I used to create the light pink on these cute bunny earrings. I simply created the bunny, stuck some earing backs into the reverse and baked, followed with a nice glue at the back to secure the pieces together. I'm aware they are a wee bit lopsided, but for a first attempt, I'm rather pleased!

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