Procrastination 101

So as mentioned in my previous post, I should be doing my dissertation right now. Unfortunately for my word count,   I am the worlds best procrastinator. So here is my list of the top 5 ways to procrastinate successfully:

1) Cups of Tea
Yes, this is the best way to not do anything work related. This process is shown in the picture to the right. You might end up needing the loo a lot but this is fantastic procrastination. 

2) Clean the house
Student houses are usually not the cleanest of clean, so there are usually plenty of places to give a clean before you 'start working'. 
Today I discovered the grouting in-between the tiles is actually rather therapeutic to clean with a toothbrush, Yeas clean with a toothbrush, you heard me right. But separate times call for desperate measures!
Any your house mates will love you!

3) Go for exercise
Up until now exercise may not have been on your list of thrilling things to do. But with the added pressure of well over 10,000 words to write, suddenly the 15 minute walk in the rain and snow to the local swimming bath doesn't seem quite so terrible. And besides, the more procrastination exercise you do, the more you can procrastination eat. Which leads me on nicely to...

4) Eat well
Cooking from scratch usually takes a long time, especially when it's a nice wholesome meal like home made soup. Procrastination eating involves spending as long as possible dicing those carrots, mashing that potato and then god forbid you leave site of the oven while your culinary creation is cooking - fire risk! So get a magazine/ book/ mobile and make yourself comfy for the 40 minute cooking duration of the dish. 

5) Work....
After wasting half you r life on the above methods, it might actually be time to work. Besides these words  are not going to write themselves!!

So without further a do I am going to Number 5 before cooking myself a hearty tea as Number 4 :)


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