To tweet or not to tweet.

Sorry about the lack of postings recently!

Events as of late have caused me to think really hard about online social networking sites such as facebook and namely twitter. Now I am as guilty as anyone of using these site, and as a student, probably a bit more than I should be.

I however, try to be careful before posting stuff up on these sites for potentially millions to see. I 'tweet' about trivial things as I desperately try to understand what I can and can't hashtag #socomplextome! 

Course collection book due back in 7 minutes. Not going to happen 

Out comes the summer skirt! 

Fascinating I know! I have only just realised how to check if a friend has 'retweeted me' or 'replied to me' so now I am even having short tweet sessions with them, Lovely!I have a following of 30 so anything I do tweet is hardly going to become global news in hours, and even so, I really don't think that many people will care that I delivered my library book back 15 minutes late. 

As mentioned, events in the last couple of weeks have shown me how rude people can be on twitter, and how easy it is to be rude. I suppose it is a lot easier to say nasty things sat in the comfort of your room miles away from the person you are talking about than saying it to their face. 

Just remember. Be careful what you tweet. 


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