Dress of Dreams?

I admit, I am an M&S shopper. I probably developed this from my Mother who is probably addicted to the shop. One of my earliest memories is going to our local store and as a treat, we would be allowed to go and stroke the velvet dresses that at the time were very popular. 

Anyway back to the 21st century and I am in love with their Indigo Collection which has a load of shabby chic / boho style clothing which I think is really versatile  The past few times I have been for a coffee with my Mum, I have been drooling over this gorgeous white lace and mesh dress

Earlier this week my drooling paid off and Mum bought it for me as part of my 21st birthday (2 weeks tomorrow!) present. And I LOVE it! 

It has a cami underneath it so you won't bare all and has the most gorgeous lase detailing with a mesh neck. 

I'm really looking forward to wearing this with maybe a denim jacket and some gladiators or plain sandals. I think it will even look good with tights and boots in Winter :)

So thank's M&S! And the lady at the till said that this was a fast seller, so get there quick if you fancy one! :)

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