New Nails

-- Sorry about the poor photo quality--

After a long day of revisison / procrastination yesterday, I spent the evening chilled out in my room watching Mi Big Fat Gypsy Fortunes and redoing my nails. 
I recently went on a bit of a Boots shopping spree and in my stash purchased these:

Even better the offer was 3 for 2! 

I loved the glitter in the Collection polish which is from the Bedazzled Nail Effects Collection. I went for the Razzle Dazzle colour as I thought it would go best with the colours I currently have.

I was also looking for alight summery colour seeing as the spring is now with us! The tangerine colour of this polish is just gorgeous  It is from Rimmel London, 705 Tangy Tangerine. It spreads onto the nail effortlessly and dries fairly rapidly meaning the tacky nail stage canbe avoided!

I had a little fiddle with the two colours and used some of my blue Barry M polish and some Natural Collections polish in white to create the sun. blue sky and clouds on my nails.Sorry the pictures are a bit dodge!

It may be hard to see but I used some dried up white polish and rejuvenated it to dab the clouds on :)

Top Tip: If your nail varnish has dried up and gone tacky in the bottle, simply pour a little bit of nail varnish remover into the bottle and shake it :)

What effects Nail Polish have you used? What were the results?

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