Polka Nails

Hi all!

Now that I have more time, I am spending more time painting and repainting my nails. The latest is these multicoloured Polka Dots.

I recently bought a new polish called "Daisy White" by Rimmell London and I cannot get enough of it. It goes onto the nail in a pale milky, glisteny colour and if you want to get a solid white colour, you have to keep layering it on. But that means that you can wear it so many different ways!

L - R: Rimmell London Daisy White | Natural Collections | Barry M Cyan Blue, Coral Spring Green | Natural Collections Hibiscus
 In this design, I applied about 4 layers before dotting on colour dots with some cocktail sticks. I am sure there is a less messy way of doing this but I was having just too much fun!

Since taking picture No. 1, I applied another coat of 'Daisy White' over the top as I have work tomorrow and the dots were a bit psychedelic! They now look a lot more pastel and less in your face!

I really need to start looking after my nails and hands a little more, they get so dry and chapped from washing up all the time (I hate washing up gloves) so I am on a mission now to nice nails ready for some more artwork. 

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  1. It looks lovely, I think I'm going to try this some day, really cute :)



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