50 Gap Year things

Now I have graduated, I am taking a 'gap year'. I have never had one before so now is my time to really let my hair down and chill! But I don't want this precious time to go to waste so I am going to challenge myself and do a 'Gap Year 50' in replacement of my Uni Bucket list. 

01// Get a qualification
02// Apply to be a teacher! Or make alternate plans. 
03// Make money another way (e.g. selling stuff)

Health and Fitness
04// Jog around the block in one go
05// Loose a Stone and Half. 
06// Get a proper skin regime
07// Give Blood ... again
08// touch my toes :) (I know!)
09// Paint my toenails a bright colour
10// Finish a bottle of vitamins
11// Give up snacking for a week
12/ Be able to do 100 sit ups in one go
13// Floss everyday for 2 weeks (I always forget!)

14// Make a travel folder full of info for my travels!
15// Scrapbook all the things I have been collecting for so long!
16// Print all my Uni photos out and photo album them
17// Set up a savings account and save!
18// Collect my pennies and bank them!
19// Start and keep a 6 word a day diary

20// Read 5 books (0/5)
21// Volunteer
22// Make my own Christmas cards
23// Bakes some super cute cupcakes
24// Make something with the sewing machine
25// Learn Thai
26// Redecorate my room
27// Go to a live concert
28// Win a competition
29// Find 20 Geochaces
30// Up-cycle some furniture
31// Carve a Halloween pumpkin
32// Make a motivational music playlist
33// Make a cocktail
34// Go to a farm/ zoo
35// Go for a walk in the country

36// Get into contact with a family member I haven't seen for a while. 
37// Cook dinner for Mum and Dad
38// Have a movie night with Mum
39// Have a daddy daughter time

40// Send a snail mail letter / card. 
41// Hand-make a present
42// Meet up with a friend who I have lost contact with
43// Visit Uni friends 
44// Visit another friend 
45/ Send a care package to someone


46// Get to 50 followers on Bloglovin'.
47// 3,000 page views. 
48// Have someone I don't know leave a comment 
49// Write 70 posts
50// Button swap

Keep tabs on my progress on the page that I created at the top :) And I will blog the most interesting ones :)

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