Furry Nails!!

When I was in Superdrug the other day my eyes were drawn straight to this:

Fur- Effect Nails by MUA!! I went for the colour 'Fluff and Cuddles' which is a raspberry pink shade which was only £3. 

You are supposed to use the shaker to apply it to your nails, but I found that the 'fluff' was too thick to shake out so I just took the shaker out and pressed my still wet polished nail into the fluff then removed it and pressed it in to ensure it stayed, 
The fluff reminded me of what I remove from the tumble dryer filter, but pink. At first I was apprehensive as it appeared to be rather clumpy but when I shook the nail, I was left with a perfectly fluffed digit!

I have painted my other fingers a plain pink as I am not sure how it would look with a fluffy hand. 

I have had my fluffy manicure for 2 days so far, and I am amazed it is still there! It is getting a bit rough around the edges but that is probably due to my bad technique. The colour has not faded at all, and it can withstand hand washing and showering (I was dubious at first!).

For £3, this is a bargain and I will definitely be investing in some more colours. 

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