Lonely Heart Card

My weekend wishlist #2 failed for this week  as I have been so busy at work I have had barely any time for any window shopping! I s'pose top of my wishlist at the moment is to see my boyfriend again as I haven't seen him for a few weeks :(

So when I had a quiet hour to myself, I decided to make a card to send him being the lovely girlfriend I am :)

I used some pages ripped out of an old magazine to make the pink stripes, you can still see a bit of the text through it bu I think that kind of adds to the charm. The stripes kind of remind me of a popcorn bag!

I then used a stamp to make these little hearts: one in black and two in silver. 

I also spent that evening learning to make mini-envelopes so decided to stick one of those on the inside too. No idea why!

It's simple and doesn't look too bad and is a great way to use up scraps of paper. Such a short post, but I am off for my 3rd BBQ of the week now. I ❤ this weather! 

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