My Kitty Fright

We had a very traumatic weekend after one of our cats went missing for 3 days. Despite having had cats my entire life, I have never had one go missing before and it really wasn't very nice!
Thankfully, when we were doing a knock round in the street, one of our neighbours found her in a summerhouse where she had been locked for almost 72 hours. Thankfully, she was OK,

albeit very thirsty after weathering the heatwave essentially in an oven!

So to celebrate I though I would share a few pictures of my kittys as well as some top tips for if your cat goes missing.

1// Check with your neighbours
In our case, this is where we found our cat! Ask neighbours to check garages and sheds, or ask them to keep a look out. 

2// Phone the vets and the council and any pet charities near you.
Most vets etc will have a missing / found cat list and will be able to collate the two. Your council may also have details on any cats that have sadly been knocked down (although my council were incredibly unhelpful!)

3// Make some posters
Pick a fairly recent picture of your cat with a description, phone number and date and location of the last sighting. 

4// Go for a walk / drive round your neighbourhood

It's a bit of a serious post today, but rest assured I have lots of other posts in the pipeline!

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