Weekend Wishlist #1

Welcome to my new feature: Weekend Wishlist! In reality I am never going to be able to afford half of this. But dreaming never hurt anyone....

#1: Newlook  £17.99

This casual bag looks useful and really nice. All my backpacks are the standard black with a zip, and as comfy as they are, they don't really suit a trip down town! I think this one it in the men's section, but there are other colour's in the women's section too. 

#2: M&S  £12.00

I saw this range today while I was in M&S. There is loads of different things in this gorgeous vintage blue pattern. I am decorating my room blue and white soon so I may be making a trip. THis pattern really suits this adorable little teacup. 

#3: River Island £30.00

WIth all this hot weather, I am fast running out of shorts! I love the colour and the fact they are high waisted (I can't get enough of high waisted stuff at the moment!). Although I would possibly do away with the 'Adore' belt, What do you think?

#4: Ikea £2.00

I saw these in a magazine earlier in the week. They are a bargain if you live near an Ikea and would be so useful for holidays ad you could colour code. And who doesn't love a splash of colour?

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