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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blogtember ♥

A post of things to come really! Jenni at Story of my Life is hosting Blogtember!

I want to give it a go for inspiration and to blog about things I don't usually feel like / want to blog about. And push me out of my comfort zone. 
Click the badge above or in my sidebar to find out what we are going to be blogging about! 
So check back here on Sept. 3rd for the start of my month long challenge!!

Are you going to be taking part?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Mini Cake Bracelet

A little something I made...

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gorilla Love

You may remember my post about a Gorilla trail where I live. Well yesterday I found my favourite, a life sized gorilla decorated by Kirstie Allsopp. I am a bit of a Kirstie fan, and love her range at M&S. I have the sewing box :)

If they weren't so big I would actually want this one in my living room. 

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Travel: Pop up seaside - Cardiff

Finding out that I had a last minute weekend off work (this never happens) meant that this weekend just gone, I quickly booked a train ticket to Cardiff to visit my boyfriend.
Needing last minute inspiration we popped down to Cardiff Bay definitely my favourite part of Cardiff!)
Home of this stunning bit of architecture, Dr Who and host of cute little shops and bar / restaurants
While we were there we were surprised to see a beach. Right there in front of the millennium centre. Amazing. There were fayre ground rides, a kiddie paddling pool, food stalls, crafts stalls and of course the fake beach complete with deckchairs. 
Needles to the say the sun attracted lots of families so the area was teaming with giggling children running around.Even so, we grabbed an ice cream and soaked in the beachy atmosphere.I would definitely advise a visit there is you are the cardiff area, especially if you have children!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What I would take to Uni

Having finished 3 years at University I am insanely jealous of anyone starting University in September. I remember the anticipation, excitement, the nerves and the fright all mixed up into one fantastic feeling as I made the long drive to my new home. What followed was the best 3 years of my life. 

So here is my suggestive list of what I would take to uni for the first time if I were to do it all again!

#1 Flip Flops 
So useful for the trip to the shower, nipping along the corridor to the loo or just lounging round in. 

#2 Bathroom Basket

Preventing the embarrassment of juggling your shampoo, conditioner, razor and sponge to the bathroom. And look at the pretty design!!

#3 Desk Lamp
Essential for those late night sessions, and bound to be better than the blinding one that uni halls provide. 

#4 Mugs

There will be times all you want to do is curl up in front of a film with a mug of hot chocolate, there will be nights you need more coffee than you can physically drink just to get you through till morning and there will be some times you just want a cuppa and a catch up with the girls. Lesson? Take your favourite mug with you :)

#5 Diary

Unlike school, unis don't provide you with homework diaries. Uni is all about juggling academic work, extra-curricular stuff and of course the social life! I love filofaxes as you can get a refill each year and they are lovely and compact.
#6 Stationary

I am a stationary geek. Coloured pens, highlighters, pretty pencils. Maybe that's the geography student part of my brain talking! Get some funky colours to make those pages of lecture notes stand out. 

#7 Folders

Keep all that hard work filed. It will make revision so much easier :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Chi Chi Dress Competition

Bryana £39.99 ¦  Rylee £44.99 ¦  Georgie £43.99 ¦  Jakinda £48.99

With summer very much still here I am loving dresses at the moment. Chi Chi have some gorgeous dresses in at the moment, especially going out ones. Do you also feel the need to buy a new dress everytime you go out?

They are running a competition to win £200 of Chi Chi vouchers by creating a wishlist of dresses, and ere is mine! I like a good skater skirt style, hides all the lumps and bumps :)Head over to this blog to find out how you could enter too. Good luck!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Nail Polish Haul

My new favourite nail varnishes are from Rimmel. I LOVE the thick brushes, they dry quickly and trey are so shiny! Given that I have now gone off Barry M (my previous obsession) I decided to invest. I bought 2 colours and my friend gave me another 2 for my birthday :) So now I have 4 lovely new colours to play with 

Mind the Gap Victoria
Lovely bright colour, only really needs one layer and looks great with glitter. 
Princess Pink (Found in poundland for... £1!)
Very pale, see below picture. Needs a few layers but is a really nice pale pink when layered up to the max. Would also make a nice manicure polish I think. 
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Again quite pale with just one coat, but a couple of coats later it's a gorgeous light purple. 
Sweet As Sugar
It is quite watery looking on first application but is a really lovely pale blue after a few layers. 

Mary Mary looks a bit grey here. She's not honestly!
A very messy quick job using Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and Sweet as Sugar. Please excuse the appalling cuticles. Working in a warehouse environment is murder on my hands and nails!

What is your favourite colour? I think of all these, Sweet as Sugar is mine:)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A late night wander

It is very rarely that I walk around my hometown, Torquay, at night, especially along the seafront. So I often forget how beautiful it can be once you escape the thumping music of the bar and club area. 
Here are some pics from my late night walk...

The fayre across the water. The photo doesn't really do it justice!

We also took the chance to go and search for some 'Gorillas' which have been placed around the area to celebrate Paignton Zoo's Birthday. The gorillas are placed all over the bay, and if you are a tourist or local alike I really advise going in search for them as they take you past and through all the sights and sounds of Torbay. You can find a map and information here.

As a geographer, this was definitely my favourite!

 This is Barry, so shiny!

All the gorillas had a QR code on them to scan and track your progress. We found it fun, we are in our 20s. Best of all the trail is totally free (minus the travel costs). 
I can't believe it's taken some painted gorillas for me to get out and appreciate the beauty of my town. And if you are visiting the English Riviera this summer, I highly recommend going on the trail for Gorillas :)

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

One month in...

As I am now just over a month into my gap year. Here's a catch up of what I have accomplished so far on my gap year 50!

Read 5 books 
I am 3 books in, which for me is an accomplishment! I am writing my reviews up in a post so when I have finished 5, I will give you a overview of what I have read. 

Hand Make a Present
I made my friend a cake charm bracelet (I will be blogging about this in the near future)for her birthday and gave it to her in a pretty little gift box. I really enjoyed this one, and will definitely do it again. 

Visit Uni Friends
I made a trip to the beautiful Bournemouth to see two of my friends. 

It was cloudy... rained like I have never seen it rain before(so we took shelter under a bush and made an umbrella tent)...
... and it was sunny. 
A perfect day :)

Have someone I don't know leave a comment
It has happened once, maybe you can make it happen again :)

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY: Giftbox

So many items of jewellery now don't come in a little box that when it comes to gifting them you are left with the conundrum, what do I do? Gift boxes you can purchase are often more than the present itself, or made of that cheap holographic paper. 

We've just had a birthday in our house so have lots of little chocolate boxes lying around the place. I just grabbed some pretty wrapping paper, double sided tape and tissue paper and started transforming them into cute little gift-boxes.  

Using double sided tape is so much easier to use than glue, less mess and much faster! Cover all the sides with some strips of tape and place the bottom onto the wrapping paper, being careful that it's not wrinkled. 

I then essentially wrapped the box up, securing with tape as I went.

I put a square of foam in the bottom to cover up the bottom of the box.

Wrapped my jewelry up in some matching tissue paper, added a few foam butterflies and voila!

One pretty, floral jewelry gift box. 

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Afternoon tea for four...

For my mums 50th Birthday we took a trip to Bovey Castle for a spot of afternoon tea. Having driven through the stunning landscapes of Dartmoor to get there, we were met by a valet who let us out of the car and led us into the splendid castle. 

We went for a pre-tea walk around the grounds. The sun shone as we perched on a bench overlooking a hidden lake.

As we grew hungry we wandered up to the old castle at the top of the hill.

While we waited for the food to arrive, I poured myself a cup of steaming tea through a tea strainer. 

Tea was bought out on a 3 tier carrier, and an extra plate of sandwiches for luck 

We delved into the sandwiches: Salmon and Lettuce; Cucumber and cream cheese; Egg mayonnaise; Cheese and Tomato. All on gorgeously soft, fresh bread. 

Next came the scones with copious amounts of thick west country cream and jam. 

Already nearing stomach capacity we moved up to the top tier which was adorned with a variety of sweet treats, the pièce de résistance being a shot glass of crushed raspberry, Earl Grey infused chocolate mouse topped with popping candy.