A late night wander

It is very rarely that I walk around my hometown, Torquay, at night, especially along the seafront. So I often forget how beautiful it can be once you escape the thumping music of the bar and club area. 
Here are some pics from my late night walk...

The fayre across the water. The photo doesn't really do it justice!

We also took the chance to go and search for some 'Gorillas' which have been placed around the area to celebrate Paignton Zoo's Birthday. The gorillas are placed all over the bay, and if you are a tourist or local alike I really advise going in search for them as they take you past and through all the sights and sounds of Torbay. You can find a map and information here.

As a geographer, this was definitely my favourite!

 This is Barry, so shiny!

All the gorillas had a QR code on them to scan and track your progress. We found it fun, we are in our 20s. Best of all the trail is totally free (minus the travel costs). 
I can't believe it's taken some painted gorillas for me to get out and appreciate the beauty of my town. And if you are visiting the English Riviera this summer, I highly recommend going on the trail for Gorillas :)

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  1. Don't worry, I'm 30 and I'm absolutely loving the Gromit Unleashed trail around Bristol this summer!

    There's 80 Gromits to find and I've done 57 so far - 23 to go by 8th Sept! :-) x

    1. I saw a glittery gromit in Temple Meads the other day as I was passing through, I'm guessing that is what that was for! Glad the fun never wears off :) x


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