DIY: Giftbox

So many items of jewellery now don't come in a little box that when it comes to gifting them you are left with the conundrum, what do I do? Gift boxes you can purchase are often more than the present itself, or made of that cheap holographic paper. 

We've just had a birthday in our house so have lots of little chocolate boxes lying around the place. I just grabbed some pretty wrapping paper, double sided tape and tissue paper and started transforming them into cute little gift-boxes.  

Using double sided tape is so much easier to use than glue, less mess and much faster! Cover all the sides with some strips of tape and place the bottom onto the wrapping paper, being careful that it's not wrinkled. 

I then essentially wrapped the box up, securing with tape as I went.

I put a square of foam in the bottom to cover up the bottom of the box.

Wrapped my jewelry up in some matching tissue paper, added a few foam butterflies and voila!

One pretty, floral jewelry gift box. 

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