Does 5am even exist?

I am the worst person for getting up in the morning, when I see I have a 9am shift at work I want to cry! So when I got asked to start work today at 5.45am I was visibly distressed, I am not an morning person. Full Stop. 

So why do I hate such early mornings so much? I always find myself counting the hours of sleep I will get in one night. If it falls below 7 hours I start to get depressed, if it gets below 6 then I know the next day will be a write off. Then the panic of worrying my alarm will not go off keeps me up all night so my already diminished sleep hours fall even further. 

Nevertheless, there I was this morning, sat with my manager in the front of a van at 5.45 in the almost dark feeling zombie like. When asking him how on earth he does this every morning he simply said 'Don't you think this is the best time of the day? It's quiet, no bustle and look, it's beautiful'. And upon looking out the window across the mist covered bay, the tips of hills poking their weary heads out from under a blanket of white and a few fishing boats bobbing, catching the sun on the early morning sea, I saw his point. The morning was gorgeous and there was not a soul around. 

This morning I fell in love with early mornings, the crisp air, the new beginning and the quiet. Even I was a bit sad when 7am came and people started to emerge from their cozy homes. 

My recommendation for anyone this week is to get up super early, get outside with a flask of tea, sit on a hill and just soak in the calm. I sure am planning on doing it!

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