Gorilla Love

You may remember my post about a Gorilla trail where I live. Well yesterday I found my favourite, a life sized gorilla decorated by Kirstie Allsopp. I am a bit of a Kirstie fan, and love her range at M&S. I have the sewing box :)

If they weren't so big I would actually want this one in my living room. 

Short but sweet today! And remember my bloglovin' needs some lovin'!


  1. such a pretty pattern! though i find the gorilla faces quite scary :/ xx


  2. I know right! Especially as they have pink eyes! xx

  3. that's really cool. love the pattern. they had a similar thing in Hull onec with frogs, decorated by local schools in memory of Robert Larkin. me anda uni friend got the map of all their locations and went around them all taking photos. i love that kind of thing.

    Carry x

    1. I never knew there we so many trails! Will take a peek at your blog later :) xx


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