Nail Polish Haul

My new favourite nail varnishes are from Rimmel. I LOVE the thick brushes, they dry quickly and trey are so shiny! Given that I have now gone off Barry M (my previous obsession) I decided to invest. I bought 2 colours and my friend gave me another 2 for my birthday :) So now I have 4 lovely new colours to play with 

Mind the Gap Victoria
Lovely bright colour, only really needs one layer and looks great with glitter. 
Princess Pink (Found in poundland for... £1!)
Very pale, see below picture. Needs a few layers but is a really nice pale pink when layered up to the max. Would also make a nice manicure polish I think. 
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Again quite pale with just one coat, but a couple of coats later it's a gorgeous light purple. 
Sweet As Sugar
It is quite watery looking on first application but is a really lovely pale blue after a few layers. 

Mary Mary looks a bit grey here. She's not honestly!
A very messy quick job using Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and Sweet as Sugar. Please excuse the appalling cuticles. Working in a warehouse environment is murder on my hands and nails!

What is your favourite colour? I think of all these, Sweet as Sugar is mine:)


  1. thanks for the tweet :) what made you go off barry m? i love their polishes!
    i think i may be in love with all the colours...

    1. I found that they took ages to dry and I am sooo inpatient. My nails were constantly in the tacky feeling phase. I loved the colours though, and there is nothing more satisfying than having loads of Barry M bottles linesd up next to each other :)


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