One month in...

As I am now just over a month into my gap year. Here's a catch up of what I have accomplished so far on my gap year 50!

Read 5 books 
I am 3 books in, which for me is an accomplishment! I am writing my reviews up in a post so when I have finished 5, I will give you a overview of what I have read. 

Hand Make a Present
I made my friend a cake charm bracelet (I will be blogging about this in the near future)for her birthday and gave it to her in a pretty little gift box. I really enjoyed this one, and will definitely do it again. 

Visit Uni Friends
I made a trip to the beautiful Bournemouth to see two of my friends. 

It was cloudy... rained like I have never seen it rain before(so we took shelter under a bush and made an umbrella tent)...
... and it was sunny. 
A perfect day :)

Have someone I don't know leave a comment
It has happened once, maybe you can make it happen again :)

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