What I would take to Uni

Having finished 3 years at University I am insanely jealous of anyone starting University in September. I remember the anticipation, excitement, the nerves and the fright all mixed up into one fantastic feeling as I made the long drive to my new home. What followed was the best 3 years of my life. 

So here is my suggestive list of what I would take to uni for the first time if I were to do it all again!

#1 Flip Flops 
So useful for the trip to the shower, nipping along the corridor to the loo or just lounging round in. 

#2 Bathroom Basket

Preventing the embarrassment of juggling your shampoo, conditioner, razor and sponge to the bathroom. And look at the pretty design!!

#3 Desk Lamp
Essential for those late night sessions, and bound to be better than the blinding one that uni halls provide. 

#4 Mugs

There will be times all you want to do is curl up in front of a film with a mug of hot chocolate, there will be nights you need more coffee than you can physically drink just to get you through till morning and there will be some times you just want a cuppa and a catch up with the girls. Lesson? Take your favourite mug with you :)

#5 Diary

Unlike school, unis don't provide you with homework diaries. Uni is all about juggling academic work, extra-curricular stuff and of course the social life! I love filofaxes as you can get a refill each year and they are lovely and compact.
#6 Stationary

I am a stationary geek. Coloured pens, highlighters, pretty pencils. Maybe that's the geography student part of my brain talking! Get some funky colours to make those pages of lecture notes stand out. 

#7 Folders

Keep all that hard work filed. It will make revision so much easier :)

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