Blogtember: Me, Me, Me!!

Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Looking at the topics, I think this is one of the hardest, maybe because it is number 1... anyway here goes... the beginning of Blogtember!

This is my stomping ground. Picture taken by me while being flown around by my (not so) little brother. A mixture of sea, country and urban... perfect. 

This place has influenced me a lot; it has given me the best friends I could wish for, a fantastic education and memories that will last forever.  It has also given me a case of Bright Light Syndrome. I am desperate to live life in the fast lane for a while. Just for a while. SO my home town has shaped my past, and my future. 

There are and have been a lot of people in my life who make me me. My friends, my family, my teachers, my colleagues. My peers. The list goes on. I wouldn't say anyone has made me more me, but 2 stand out. 
My school teachers. At the time I moaned. I look back now and I want to BE them. If I am half the teacher some of my teachers were then I will be a very happy lady. Education is about so much more that getting a grade. I fell in love with a subject and I want to change peoples lives with it. That dream is down to my teachers. Thank you. 
My parents. Lots of people think I am a mini-me of my mum. I probably am to be honest with you. I never do what my parents tell me to do, I think they have learnt this now. Even so they have made me me. 

So that's me. I don't have a massive family and I don't live in an overly fascinating place yet I hope things just keep getting better :)

Bit of a ramble for today's blogtember post. I can promise LOADS more pics in the next few :)


  1. What a LOVELY photo!

    yes, yes yes on the teacher. I had some FABULOUS teachers!!

  2. That view is swoon worthy. I really can credit who I am to some of my teachers and the people around me. They really have helped shape me too.


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