Two Months in....

I am now (just over) 2 months into my gap year. Here's a catch up of what I have accomplished this month on my gap year 50!
Paint my toenails a bright colour
Gone is the dark red which has been my staple toe colour for the last 3 years and in with the coral! My feet definitely looked a lot snazzier in sandals but I am not sure I can deal with the brightness. I may have to revert back!
Set up a savings account and save
Well I've done half! I have now set up an real adult savings account for my pennies to gather in without the temptation of spending them. Now the hard bit... the saving!

Go to a farm/zoo

I went to a farm. Here is a picture of an alpaca just to prove that point :)

Go for a walk in the country

My lovely boyfriend took me camping on Dartmoor which involved a lovely hike to the site and back.

Despite being a geographer, I left my other half to do the navigating... I just took pictures!

Me with my trusty pack. It weighed a tonne. I think I am grimacing, not smiling there!

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