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Thursday, 31 October 2013


What's wrong with me? Two posts in one day? 
Believe it or not, I have NEVER carved a pumpkin in my life. 22 Halloween's and not 1 pumpkin. Well here is my first ever attempt...
And a complimentary picture of my cat with pumpkin. 
Have you carved any Halloween pumpkins or dressed up? I would love to see if you have, leave your links in the comments :) 

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I started Blogtober. I got about 10 dasy into Blogtober. I then failed to do anymore. 
I am going to force myself to #BEDN - Blog Everyday in November.
Blog Every Day in November badge

The topics look really great, and right up my street: TV, Food and Crafts!
Stayed tuned to my blog via bloglovin' or GFC to keep up to date with this 30 day challenge!

Are you taking part? 

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Friends Reunited

When my 2 best friends from my university days came to visit me for the weekend I immediately devised the best sightseeing tour that captured all the fantastic things about where I live, while omitting all the nasty bits. And in between copious cups of tea and games of Rummikub were played ... remind me again how old we are?
Here are some snaps from the weekend.   


Top to Bottom: Dartmoor// View from a boat // Cream Tea - Nom // Sunset

Ok... I admit, I don't live in a total dump! :) 

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Monday, 21 October 2013

DIY: Washi Make Up Brushes

I have finally jumped on the Washi Tape band wagon. It started with a floral roll I ordered through Ebay then spiralled when I saw a pack of 3 in the reduced aisle at Sainsbury's. Since then I have gone Washi mad. Everything that is anything in my room has been coated. My DVD player. My light switch. My shelves. 
My Makeup Brushes. 
As you can see I own a cheap (Poundland)set of tacky see through plastic brushes that actually do a pretty good job. Having given them a quick wash I got my tape up and covered them longways with strips of tape. I then out a couple of rolls of tape around the top of the brush to neaten it up and keep it held.

I think they look fab, and it's such an easy way to brighten up an otherwise dull item. You could try it with pens as well maybe? Have you 'Washi-ed' anything lately? 

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Garden. My Shoes. And the Beginnings of a Cold

I got bored inside so took a little trundle into the garden with the kitten. 
My lovely new shoes. And a pathetic smattering of Autumnal leaves. Not much today but am coming down with a bad cold. Feeling a long hot shower and bed, book, cocoa might just help.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Poundland Haul

I am not going to even feel embarrassed by admitting this. I love Poundland. And I love going on treasure hunts for great deals there.  The last time I went crazy in Poundland beauty aisle is documented here

My first purchase was these Calvin Klein Eyeshadows. I have seen these alot on the blogosphere and though for £1 each, who was I to complain?

 They are creamy on the inside which makes a difference to the powdery stuff I usually use and subsequently smear over my whole face. The colours are really rich and autumny, and even better they stay put all day! The cream one has now become my daily colour.

Next onto my favourite thing about Poundland shopping. The polishes! Again I have heard much about the myth that is Sally Hansen being found. Well I found some. 

I picked out a glittery purple and a very bright pink colour. Looking forward to using them. 

If you are nervous about buying cheaper products from shops like Poundland here are some top tips.

Top Tips
- Go for the sealed bags, double protection against grimey hands!
- Use cosmetics check to check the manufacture date of the product if you feel uncomfortable about using older products.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tuesday Tuneage #3

I have been a fan of Lissie ever since that Tea ad for Twinings. All together now ... "You can go your own waaaaayyy"
My housemates(and neighbours for that matter) were probably getting a bit Lissied-out last year because she was my 'keep calm, keep writing dissertation' soundtrack. So she was on repeat 24/7 for about 5 months solid. Like I said, I am a fan. 

I love her new song sleepwalking. Chilled out tuneage. Just what I like to listen to :)
You can buy it here.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Brogues, Glorious Brogues

I got me some lovely new brogues. I have wanted a pair for aaaages when I found these beauties on the sale rack in Primark in ONLY  my size. That's fate in my opinion. 

Problem is I don't really know how to wear them. If I wear them with jeans, the top of my sock keeps getting in on the action. Help?!

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Strictly Come Sparkle

It's that time of year, Strictly Come Dancing! At 6.30 tonight myself and my mum will sure be squealing at all the sparkly, floaty, gorgeous dresses as we settle down for week 2. Of course we can only dream about being on the show... when are we ever going to wear a dress like that?
But never fear, here are some cute items to iv your everyday wardrobe that little bit of strictly oomph. 

Skirt // Ballet Shoes // Nails // Collar // Belt // Dress //Earrings

A sparkly belt is a really easy way to jazz up anything form a black dress, to a pair of jeans. As is a collar necklace, pop it on with a black tee and these earrings are super cute, look at the glitz crammed onto that tiny heart! I have never head of sequined nails, but am desperate to try these out by Ciaté. These shoes look really comfy and would look great with a pair of jeans. And the dress... well it's Christmas party season soon right?!

Are you watching SCD? Who do you want to win?

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

NOTD: Purple Polka

I haven't done a nail post for a while now. And unfortunatly this one is just another take on polka dots.My favourite design! I did a similar thing in blue and multicolour

I used Mary Mary Quite Contrary from Rimmel and Bright Purple from Barry M. 
I'm feeling a need to get our of my polka dot box soon! Keep your eyes peeled...

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Call yourself a role model...

It feels like lately everytime I log onto amazon to download some music, or any entertainments / music website to catch up on news I am bombarded with (near) naked women or over sexualised lyrics and images. 

These are just 3 covers from this weeks top 40 charts. 
The song on track for this weeks number 1 comes courtesy of a singer who is now infamous for writhing round on stage waggling foam fingers inappropriately  poking her tongue out and wearing very little. In fact nothing in her latest video. 

The worst thing about the whole situation, is the singer involved was once a role model for millions of young impressionable girls worldwide in the role of Hannah Montana. Giving that you can still buy merchandise from the Hannah Montana franchise and still watch her show on the TV, she is arguably still inspiring people all over. 
Miley is who she is today because of her following from young girls. I think it is her RESPONSIBILITY to remain a role model. Fair enough she may not want to be a bubblegum pink, teeny bopper for ever. Who would? But there are plenty of other ways to show maturity, and flouncing round naked on stage is not one of them 

I'm not personally attacking Miley, she is not the only one who has abused her power. The world is now full of sexualised music and images. As someone who works with young children, I often see the kids mimiking 'dance moves' they've gleaned from their favourite musicians. And at the moment there aren't many around who can keep their clothes on or mouths shut...

I don't know... rant over. I just feel a tad sorry for society right now!

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Tuesday Tuneage #2

It's getting to that season where we still have those summer memories in our heads but are preparing for long nights snuggled up under a blanket, the crisp autumn air and the excitement that this season brings. I love this new song (out this week) by James Blunt and think it makes perfect listening in this time of change :)

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Three Months In...

Which means technically I am a quarter of the way through my gap year! I can honestly say this list is getting me through this turbulent time of my life! Here is the low down!

Apply to be a teacher. Or make alternative plans. 

The first part has been completed. And unfortunately that is where it ended. Hence the rather out of character, slightly depressing reflection on dreams earlier this month.
Part two is underway, although I now feel like a lost little lamb. I was so certain for 20 years of my life what I wanted to do, know I am doubting myself. 

Get a proper skin regime

Whether it works is another thing! Even so, I know have a morning and Evening routine (including the miracle micellar water)and hopefully over time the results will shine! 


I am back volunteering with Brownies after a hiatus during uni :)

Meet up with a friend I had lost contact with.

Chip shop chips and chicken, cup of tea and the wonderfilm that is Sydney White. Oh and the photo album from 13 years into my history.  Dare I say anymore?

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Tuneage

Song of the day:

Bit old now, but meh. What a song :) What's on repeat on your playlist at the moment?

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