Call yourself a role model...

It feels like lately everytime I log onto amazon to download some music, or any entertainments / music website to catch up on news I am bombarded with (near) naked women or over sexualised lyrics and images. 

These are just 3 covers from this weeks top 40 charts. 
The song on track for this weeks number 1 comes courtesy of a singer who is now infamous for writhing round on stage waggling foam fingers inappropriately  poking her tongue out and wearing very little. In fact nothing in her latest video. 

The worst thing about the whole situation, is the singer involved was once a role model for millions of young impressionable girls worldwide in the role of Hannah Montana. Giving that you can still buy merchandise from the Hannah Montana franchise and still watch her show on the TV, she is arguably still inspiring people all over. 
Miley is who she is today because of her following from young girls. I think it is her RESPONSIBILITY to remain a role model. Fair enough she may not want to be a bubblegum pink, teeny bopper for ever. Who would? But there are plenty of other ways to show maturity, and flouncing round naked on stage is not one of them 

I'm not personally attacking Miley, she is not the only one who has abused her power. The world is now full of sexualised music and images. As someone who works with young children, I often see the kids mimiking 'dance moves' they've gleaned from their favourite musicians. And at the moment there aren't many around who can keep their clothes on or mouths shut...

I don't know... rant over. I just feel a tad sorry for society right now!

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