DIY: Washi Make Up Brushes

I have finally jumped on the Washi Tape band wagon. It started with a floral roll I ordered through Ebay then spiralled when I saw a pack of 3 in the reduced aisle at Sainsbury's. Since then I have gone Washi mad. Everything that is anything in my room has been coated. My DVD player. My light switch. My shelves. 
My Makeup Brushes. 
As you can see I own a cheap (Poundland)set of tacky see through plastic brushes that actually do a pretty good job. Having given them a quick wash I got my tape up and covered them longways with strips of tape. I then out a couple of rolls of tape around the top of the brush to neaten it up and keep it held.

I think they look fab, and it's such an easy way to brighten up an otherwise dull item. You could try it with pens as well maybe? Have you 'Washi-ed' anything lately? 

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