Poundland Haul

I am not going to even feel embarrassed by admitting this. I love Poundland. And I love going on treasure hunts for great deals there.  The last time I went crazy in Poundland beauty aisle is documented here

My first purchase was these Calvin Klein Eyeshadows. I have seen these alot on the blogosphere and though for £1 each, who was I to complain?

 They are creamy on the inside which makes a difference to the powdery stuff I usually use and subsequently smear over my whole face. The colours are really rich and autumny, and even better they stay put all day! The cream one has now become my daily colour.

Next onto my favourite thing about Poundland shopping. The polishes! Again I have heard much about the myth that is Sally Hansen being found. Well I found some. 

I picked out a glittery purple and a very bright pink colour. Looking forward to using them. 

If you are nervous about buying cheaper products from shops like Poundland here are some top tips.

Top Tips
- Go for the sealed bags, double protection against grimey hands!
- Use cosmetics check to check the manufacture date of the product if you feel uncomfortable about using older products.

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