Three Months In...

Which means technically I am a quarter of the way through my gap year! I can honestly say this list is getting me through this turbulent time of my life! Here is the low down!

Apply to be a teacher. Or make alternative plans. 

The first part has been completed. And unfortunately that is where it ended. Hence the rather out of character, slightly depressing reflection on dreams earlier this month.
Part two is underway, although I now feel like a lost little lamb. I was so certain for 20 years of my life what I wanted to do, know I am doubting myself. 

Get a proper skin regime

Whether it works is another thing! Even so, I know have a morning and Evening routine (including the miracle micellar water)and hopefully over time the results will shine! 


I am back volunteering with Brownies after a hiatus during uni :)

Meet up with a friend I had lost contact with.

Chip shop chips and chicken, cup of tea and the wonderfilm that is Sydney White. Oh and the photo album from 13 years into my history.  Dare I say anymore?

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