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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Backpacking Plans

#BEDN - Yes! Moments

Look what came today!

I suppose my 'Yes Moment' at the moment is my travelling plans. We have spent the last year saying we are going to go, the last 5 months working to save up and tomorrow we are booking our flights! We are planning on leaving for Thailand mid-March then a month later moving onto Australia for a few weeks. 

I have never been outside Europe before so am so excited. I have wanted to visit Australia since I was tiny, I used to sit with travel guides in my room staring at the pictures. I have genuinely never wanted to go anywhere as much as Australia. Also, given I have spent the last 5 months (and will spend the next 3 months) working in a job I am not fond of, miles away from my friends, living back with the parents just so I can afford this trip means that when it comes round I am going to be super excited!

In the meantime, I have a lot of reading of my 2 new guidebooks to do and lots of things to sort out! 
Has anyone been to Thailand or Australia? What do you suggest we go and see?

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