BEDN: Calm After the Storm

#BEDN - Light

Any Britain dwellers will be well aware of 'The Storm' that we experienced the other day. I find it terribly exciting to see massive towering black clouds rolling in. Maybe it is the geography love racing through my blood that causes this strange excitement. However, I also get pretty depressed when after 3 days of solid raining, the sun is still yet to be seen.

My favourite kind of light is when the Sun does decide to peek through the clouds, and produce a gorgeous rainbow. I quickly snapped this picture on my phone the day after 'The Storm'. I love rainbows, to me they are saying 'Hey there, It's all going to be Ok again now!'.

Happy Diwali everyone!!


  1. Lovely rainbow pic! I agree with you, seeing a rainbow is a great way of nature saying "it's all over, it'll get better!" :-) x

  2. Lovely post, seeing a rainbow always cheers me up!



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