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#BEDN - Newsflash

I am not the best commentator on news really. I do not have a political bone in my body and don't read newspapers, instead choosing to glaze over the BBC website or catch up with the news over my cereal at breakfast. 

One story which has really got my attention lately though is the mounting media attention to cycling, especially in London. For those international readers, cycling safety has really come into the spotlight after the deaths of 6 cyclists on London's roads in a fortnight. 

I myself have a bike. I used to cycle in my university town because my routes were usually along quiet residential roads. However at home, I have not used it once because the provisions for cyclists are horrific. I hate on road cycle lanes, I personally think they make the situation worse. Drivers feel safer knowing there is a cycle lane, and may not be so careful. Similarly, I think some cyclists feel safer and are not as careful. 

At the end of the day road safety comes down to both the driver and the cyclist. Both have responsibilities under the law to be careful. But I really think that it is important the road safety is integrated into planning and redevelopment work. While it may be too late to make major revamps to cycling in old, built up cities we can start to make a difference now to new developments. 

Woah, that was long. And no pictures! Sorry guys!!

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