Date Night

#BEDN - Date Night

Having been long distance for the majority of my 3 and a half year relationship, we don't really get to do your standard 'date night'. We see each other on average one weekend every 6 weeks. Sometimes it will be less time, sometimes longer. 
Usually after the cost of train tickets, we don't have enough money to go out for meals, to the cinema or out for drinks like other couples do. 
So what do we do? We share a mutual love for Spaghetti Carbonara (specifically the stuff from the packet)so we cook up way to much of the stuff and stuff ourselves silly while watching a film. If I'm lucky we'll have a pudding and once again our mutual love for apple puddings usually influences the choice. Usually after all that good food I fall asleep on the sofa (to confirm I am a 21 year old female, not a 90 year old Grandad) and the poor boyfriend is left to watch the rest of the film on his own. 

So that's my perfect date night! (minus Ewan McGregor) What's yours?


  1. After being in an international LDR for 2 years I know how you feel! Now living together, our favorite type of date night is made to order sushi take out and Star Trek reruns!

  2. I think tv dinners are the best kind of date :)


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