DIY: Advent calender

The past few years I have bought my other half an advent calendar buy he doesn't really like chocolate so it's not really ideal! So today I sat down with (a few) cup of tea and made a homemade one for him featuring a picture of the things we love. 
Without further ado here's how to make your own!

1. Go to PicMonkey and select 'Make Collage'. On layouts, I selected ; Square Deal' and then the option with the most squares, which is ideally 25! 
2. Find 25 (or 24 and leave a gap) pictures and upload them to the site. Drag them into the boxes until you are happy. 
3. Click 'edit' and it takes you to the Picmonkey editing site. I added a few Santa hats, baubles and holly to some of the non-christmassy images. You can also add text etc. 

4. Save the image and open it in MS word. Print onto card. Then without moving the image in your word document, flip the image vertically and apply a grey scale. Print that image onto card. You can now switch off your computer and move to the kitchen table :)

5. Get some Christmassy paper and stick it to the back of the grey-scale printout. Now get yourself a craft knife and cutting mat and cut  3 sides of each image tile to make a little door. Make sure you are doing this on the grey image, not the colour one!!!

6. Now the fun bit. Decorate!! Make sure you are decorating the back of the grey printout, where you stuck your Christmas paper. Go wild. 

7. Now the tricky bit. Grab your colour print out and glue / double sided sticky tape everything that ISN'T picture. Then VERY carefully, place your grey copy on top of it, lining the sides up exactly. Now, in the middle of your advent sandwich, your grey picture and it's identical colour picture line up so when you open the door, you will be presented with a colour picture underneath and a grey picture on the door. 
8. Wait for it to all dry out and trim to size, add a piece of string to the back and wait till Sunday!


  1. This is adorable! And so much nicer than a mass produced chocolatey monstrosity!
    M x Life Outside London

  2. How super thoughtful - that's an ace thing to make someone and i'm loving all the glitter!

  3. What a fab idea! Such a lovely thing to wake up to and open every morning - much better than a piece of okay-but-pretty-bland chocolate :-) x


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