Favourite Folk

#BEDN - Favourite Folk

Friends really have the power to make or break you in my opinion. There is nothing like creating fab memories with people, reminiscing or just generally having a moan about life with. I am really lucky to have some fantastic friends :)


Sometimes they get on my nerves no end, but the majority of the time I love my family to pieces. The in jokes, the grand advice and the silly little traditions we have. It's interesting now that me and my not-so-little-little brother are getting older and moving on with life, to see how the family dynamics are changing. Mum and Dad still definitely have the final say on all family matters, but we are not such walk overs any more!
Having spent 3 years living away from home, I am definitely struggling being back home in the family fold. I loved my independence, and do feel a little smothered now I am home, but that doesn't mean to say that I hate being home!

Aw... I love cuddling up to one of my cats at the end of a long stressful day. Cat snuggles are apparently good for our health (as long as you aren't allergic to them!) and are great stress relievers . I sometimes wish I was a cat, such a nice life!

Nice Customers
There is nothing that brightens my day like a nice customer. 

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  1. Until I worked in retail I never realised how rude some people can be, its like some people forget what manners are when they go shopping! I'm glad I'm in the loading bay and my visits to the shop floor are rare!



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