Hot Dogs, Big Bangs and Christmas Begins!

#BEDN - Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is in my Top 5 nights of the year along with Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Years. I love the wrapping up warm to go and see displays, the food and of course the fireworks themselves! But my favourite thing, is that historically, Bonfire night was the night that I let myself get excited by Christmas.
As of Bonfire night, those Christmas displays in shops are suddenly exciting instead of annoying. I can start to buy my presents without fear of actually forgetting I even bought them. I can make my Christmas list. Yes, for me Christmas really begins tonight.

My Mum hates fireworks up close and my parents rarely get into the spirit of anything. Seeing as I have no-one really to to a display with, this year I have had to observe the beauty from my bedroom window. But we do have a tradition (but to the cats glee) of having hot dogs for tea on bonfire night. 

I wonder if Guy Fawkes realised that buy attempting to murder the government he would such a day of joy for hundreds of years?

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  1. Yes. I get this. As soon as bonfire night is done its time for thinking about Christmas properly. Now. To get excited.


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