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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lists, Stress and Pretty Notebooks

#BEDN - National Stress Awareness Day. 

Today is National Stress awareness day. It's estimated that 5 million people have called in sick to work due to stress over the last year. We all know that feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling so stressed out already, that your duvet just seems the best option. 
On a personal level, it does not take a lot for me to get stressed and I get crabby and quite angry when I get too stressed. It's always been something I struggle quite a lot with, to the extent that during exam time at uni I had to go to the doctors as the anxiety and stress was preventing me eating, sleeping and functioning. 

I think managing day to day stress will be something I get used to in the future, and I am already coming up with methods of coping with it. My doctor suggested breaking down my causes of stress into chunks and creating a list that I can manageably work through. Now lists are my life... 

These 3 books are my life at the moment, most notably my diary and my list book. I keep my list book close at all times and jot any little reminders in it, and also my daily to do lists. I also keep it next to my bed, so if I have a worry at night I write it down. More often than not this then lets me go to sleep and I can deal with it in the morning. 

My final book of importance is my blog planner. It is relatively new and certainly reduces the stresses of blogging as I can quickly jot down any ideas in it. I also keep all my important info such as domain name receipts  social media passwords and advertising details in the back so it is all together. 

I think I will always be a stressed out person. Right now I am going through a very stressful period of life, with stress niggling away at me everyday.But stress is natural, and if you can find the right ways of managing it - whether it be lists, yoga or kickboxing - it can come with its benefits. 

How do you deal with stress? What's your biggest stress at the moment?

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  1. Give me a minute and i'll stress about anything and everything - current stresses are money and having to go to a family wedding with the husband having a key part and being abandoned to be left to deal with his family urgh. I agree with having a blogging notebook - that's certainly helped me with being more organised, as to deal with my stress, I actually starting to think it's part of me, or it's got to the point where being stressed drives me to do stuff, who knows?!

  2. I find stress drives me to do stuff too, but I'm silly in that I let myself get stressed into the situation in the first place! Good luck at the wedding, at least it will be a good chance to get to know lot's more people! x

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