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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Music Makers.

#BEDN - Hobbies

My biggest hobby is music. I started playing the recorder in early primary school, then the Clarinet 11 years ago and then began playing the ukulele at University. Since then I have played in School Bands, at Disneyland Paris, in contests and to people in care homes. I am not great at playing, I am obviously not a natural! But through music I have made some fantastic friends and had some brilliant opportunities. 

If you want to get into music, but aren't confident or don't have enough money to for out on a saxophone / piano / flute etc:

1) Buy a Ukulele. They are really cheap and you only need to learn a couple of chords before you can start whacking out some songs. For less than £20, you can get some pretty funky ukes like these Pink, Purple and Union Jack ones!
2) Join a choir. Have a look on the National Association of Choirs, National Youth Choir or to find a choir local to you. Some you will have to actually be good to join, but many are just a bit of fun and it doesn't matter how well you can sing! Given I was in 2 last year, just goes to show you don't have to be good to sing!
3) Sing along to your favourite tunes. In the shower. Doing the hoovering. In the garden... if you are feeling brave. Singing is great for you. Dig out you Celine Dion albums and warble along to 'My Heart will go on' like you wrote it. 

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