My Cat the Dustbin.

#BEDN -Food

I knew from Saturday that today's post was going to be shocking. My weekend and Monday have been MANIC. I guess that's the problem with blogging everyday! So I thought to myself 'How can I save an abysmal post?' Cats. The answer is some pictures of my cats. How is this food related?

My cat Kevin (the black and white cutie pie) is a dustbin. He eats everything and anything.  He's always on the sides trying to break into the biscuit packet, trying to push the cereal out of the cupboards and licking dirty dishes. 
So my blog followers,  do you have the same issue? How do you control your beast? Does your cat / pet have any weird eating habits?
I promise to be back on it tomorrow!

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  1. One of my dogs Alfie eats everything, if you're eating something he tries to sneeze on your food so you won't want to eat it and he can have it!



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