Poundland Haul #4

This week I once more ventured into the wonder that is Poundland. Previous trips are documented here + here + here (told you I was addicted.)This has now become the highlight of my day's after a long day at work. I have now also had to find alternative storage for my nail varnish collection as it is swelling out of control. here are some of the beauties I picked up the other day. 

I got such a good range of well known brands: Rimmel; Sally Hansen; Revlon; Collection 2000; and OPI. 

I have been looking for a green for ages, but was loathed to splash out on one as I will probably not use it much. Three bottles for £1?! Yes please! I will most likely give two of the bottles away, but I love the colour so much I am reconsidering!
Sally Hansen is a brand I have fallen in love with thanks to Poundland and I needed a new nude colour varnish. This one was perfect and dries with a slight shimmer. 
I can never have too many deep red colour's so Rimmel's purple rain was straight in the bag as was Revlon's Grape fizz. It is a scented polish with a gorgeous glitter. And yes, it does actually smell of grape!

I also snapped up these 3 OPI crackles. They are amazing, and I have been layering the silver one over dark reds and the black over multi-coloured nails. Lot's of people have complimented them, and the look on their face when I say 'Poundland' is classic!
 My final purchase was this Rimmel 'Kate' Lipstick in shade 04. I was really silly and thought this would be a really dark red, guess the lighting was dodgey! It is in fact a dark purple which i will NEVER wear in a million years. I will keep it though for the odd Halloween costume. Even though the colour is not my choice, the lipstick itself is great. It smells really lovely and plumps the lips out while really moisturising them. I am going to pop into boots today to grab one in another colour!

My Savings:

Kate Lipstick
Boots Price: £5.49
Saving: £5.49

OPI Shatters
Amazon price: £11.98
Saving: £10.98

Amazon Price: £5.99
Saving: £4.99

Sally Hansen
Amazon Price (different colour): £3.99
Saving: £2.99

Amazon Price: £2.89 
Saving: £1.89

Total Savings = £26.34

Lesson of the day? Poundland rules.

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  1. Wow you found some great bargains there, especially with the OPI, also love the look of the Revlon varnish, such a nice purple shade!


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