The end of November, the end of #BEDN :(

#BEDN - The end

Today is the last day of November and the last day of #BEDN. Tomorrow I will be cracking out the advent calender (s) and taking a day or two break from blogging. I am blog knackered!
I am so proud of myself for doing it and posting everyday. I rarely ever complete something with such a big commitment, even if I intend too! Though I am not sure I will do a challenge like this again as I really believe in quality not quantity. 

What I won't miss:
- The pressure of having to post everyday. 
- The rubbish posts I have written to fill a day

What I will miss:
- The prompts!
- All the post's on other blogs that I can read!
- The motivation

What I have loved:
- Finding other blogs, I have found so many good new reads. My new favourite's are "Duck in Dress" - duck always  seems to be doing something really cool with her life! - and "Dear Ms Leigh" which is a fab blog about a Brit living over the pond, such an interesting read!

What I have learnt:
- To always use my own pictures - I have hated using other peoples pinterest pictures when I haven't had time /  have none of my own:(
- To be braver - I have posted things this month that I would have never posted before.
- To be more organised! I am now a whizz on the old schedule button. 

Well done everyone!!

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  1. Well done! I would struggle to post every day. Definitely a lot of random crappy posts if I tried, I'm sure!

  2. Yay! Congratulations for completing #BEDN!
    And thanks lovely for the shout out! (and in such good company as well, I love Rachael's Dear Ms Leigh) :-).
    Onwards and upwards with blogging, as they say - I'll carry on enjoying your blog as well Rosie! :-) x


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