Travel: 5 Favourites and 5 Wishes

1) Lisbon Portugal
My first ever time abroad was to Portugal and I have been many times since to many different parts. To me, Lisbon is the Bee's Knees. 

2) Reading, UK

'Really?' You are probably thinking. Disney Land and Greek Islands feature on this list alongside... Reading?! Where is the logic...

I lived in Reading for 3 years and fell deeply in love with it. The shops, the parks, the river. It has everything you could ever want in a town. If you ever visit, I stronly recommend you take a walk along the River Kennet and Thames as it meanders through The Oracle shopping centre and out into the meadows and outlying villages. 

3) Disney Land Paris

Shh. I have been to Disneyland twice and both were with my school orchestra. Even as an 18 year old, there was absolutely no denying the magical feeling you experience as you walk through the gates. Whether you are 4, have a four year old child or a 4 year old Grandchild I cannot tell you enough... GO TO DISNEY!

4) Ile De Ré, France
I visited here 5 years ago with a friends family and loved it to pieces. Our cottage was minutes walk from the beach and we cycled everywhere including to the bakery every morning and along the edges of the salt lakes. Because the island is so small and really flat, we were able to easily cycle to the 
other side of the island, so there is no excuse not to see everything!

5) Zante Caves and Ship Wreck Beach.
Pictures. No words needed.

So where in the future? I want to go everywhere (greedy much) but if I have to whittle it down. Here are the top 5 locations on my wishlist. 



2) Volcanoes in Iceland
3) New York, USA

5) Dublin, Ireland

What's your favourite place and where do you really want to go?


  1. Ile de Re is beautiful, we went there a couple of years ago.
    I've always fancied South America, maybe one day.....
    Your list is great
    M x

  2. I'll definitely endorse Iceland - it's one of my favourite places to visit. I've been there twice and one was even our honeymoon! It's just a fascinating country, the geysers, the glaciers, the hot springs and the landscape. You should definitely go at some point :-) x


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