2013: A Year of Change

2013 has been a massive roller coaster year for me. 

Graduation... was one of those things I never thought would actually ever happen. It has always seemed so far away!

Lisbon... with two of my best friends was amazing and such a good way to de-stress after my exams. 

Lazing Around... after my exams. Sunny walks in the country. Late night BBQs. Plenty of pub visits. 

Dream Making... by booking my travels to Australia and Thailand next year. 

Getting old... well 21. I celebrated by throwing a thoroughly cheesy Eurovision party. Who needs to go out drinking right?

Studying... for finals and dissertation. I have never felt so stressed out over work before. My dissertation was horrible, but the end was so satisfying!

Leaving... uni was and is one of the hardest things I have ever done. My friends. My independence. Even the library (in a weird 'I actually quite liked you' way)

Adjusting... to life after the fun. It's been tough, I'm still struggling but there are twinkles of lights on the horizon now. 

Acquiring... a new kitty cat. Naaaaawww....

I think 2014 is going to be great :)

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