A Naive Life Rut

A year ago I decided to take a year out to just chill. Return to my fun retail job, save some cash and jet of around the world for months. Then I would trip into the job of my dreams and live the rest of my life happily ever after. 

A number of things have gone horrifically wrong with my plan so far:

- Work just isn't as good as I remember it. Working a few hours a week in my uni holidays is very different to working in the same place 5 days a week for 6 months solid. I try to keep my head up, but there is no denying, it's bringing my mood down hugely. I was naive

- Saving isn't going quite as well as I'd hoped. I was naive

- Going back to my pre-uni life, parents and all, after the whol uni experience is not as easy as I thought it would be. I was naive. 

- My social life is the pits. All my friends are on the other side of the country. Aside from the odd coffee with work friends, my cat is my greatest company. I was naive.

- I have no plans when I get back from travelling. Zilch. I didn't get the job of my dreams, the job I wanted so bad that I didn't let myself make a plan B. You can't just walk into a job. I was naive.

So thing's haven't and aren't going to plan. I am struggling to motivate myself at the moment. To cope with my situation I have gone into a cycle of 'Sleep, eat, work, eat, mooch, sleep'. Hence the blog has been slightly lacking in lifestlye posts as of late. Unless you all fancy a picture of my dinner? Or a rant a day about the latest rude customer?

Just feeling a tad down at the moment. I am struggling to find the motivation to break out of my boring life cycle. I am well and truly in a life rut. At the age of 21. All because I was a little too naive.

Has anyone else been in a life rut lately? Any tips for making it the more bearable?

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  1. I can absolutely relate to the "quarter life crisis." Although I am incredibly lucky to be living in the Alps right now, sometimes it is overwhelming to think that I quit my job back in Houston and don't have any plans after May. While I know I'm still young at 23, I don't want to look back 10 years from now, wishing I had taken a more traditional, secure route

  2. I'm a bit younger than you and still at school, and I'm having a low down at the moment with gcse's a stuff like that. Honestly, i just like to take some time out for myself every day and relax. It seems to do the job :)



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