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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Poundland Haul #5

Oh yes, if there is one thing you have learnt about me though blogging it is that Rosie does love a good old Poundland Haul! Check out #1, #2, #3 and #4
I picked up these 3 Chroma Chameleon in gold, purple and dark blue. They are all gorgeous and have a lovely metallic look in the light and were perfect for new years. I also got a Maybelline Express Finish Base Coat because you can never have too many and for £1?? Well...
My favourite purchases were a Magnetic Sally Hansen and another Express Finish with bits of sparkle in. I have wanted some magnetic stuff for ages now to see how it works, but they are all so expensive! It's amazing fun and looks really cool once it's all magnetized

I really want to get back into more nail art posts but work has killed my hands and made them into hands of a man! 

Have you found any Poundland beauts?

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Up-cycling the Boring Leftover Christmas Biscuits...

I don't know about you, but we still have LOADS of biscuits left over from the mountains we received from Christmas. And we seemed to have picked out all the tasty chocolatey ones. In a stroke of genius we decided to mash them all up and combine with leftover raisins and cherries from the Christmas pudding to make this glorious Rocky Road. I did it all by eye and guesswork and it came out pretty good. SO this recipe has no quantities, so you can make it just how you like it! Here's how it goes:

Biscuits, Marshmallows, Butter, Chocolate, Golden Syrup, anything else you fancy chucking in!

1// Start to melt the chocolate - I used one of the big value bars. Once melting add a knob of butter and a generous few blobs of the syrup. Stir well!

2// Meanwhile put the biscuits in a sandwich bag, wrap in a tea towel and take your rolling pin to them. You want an assortment of big and little chunks with some sandy biscuit in between. 

3// Add the biscuits bit by bit to the chocolaty mixture. Add as much as you want to, I did it till I probably wasn't any chocolate left to coat my biscuits (we had that many...)

4// Add marshmallows, raisins etc. I melted some marshmallow to go on the top... big mistake. It was like a gooey cement!

5// Pour into a greased tin and put in the fridge for a few hours. 

VOILA! One up-cycled tin of biscuits!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cat Time: Building a House

Because our cats are spoilt rotten we indulged them in a cardboard cat house. On my day off I decided to spend some quality time with Kevin (the baby of the house) and get this house built... easier said than done...

Great start Kevin. You just keep ripping apart the house foundations...
Those gorgeous eyes aren't going to help build this thing anymore than you attacking  the house walls...
The discovery of catnip - explains the savage ripping apart of the house materials!
'Helping' to screw the walls to the floor.
Barry joins in on the fun. 
TA DA! One cardboard cat house.
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday Summary #3

Cocktails and Caroline - Tuxedo Dipped Strawberries 

I cannot get over how amazing these Strawberries wearing chocolate tuxedos look. 

This video and photo's of some jumping cats made me actually laugh out loud - I am easily amused - and am now desperately trying to make my cat do the same. It's not working... yet...

Bugs and Fishes - Less 365 Progress Report

I hoard way too much junk, especially since I have returned from uni. Laura is trying to get rid of something every day for a whole year and is so far halfway through! I felt inspired although didn't think I could cope worth 365 days of throwing stuff so Laura suggested doing 100 days instead. Challenge Accepted!

Twenty Something Travel - A Year Without Make Up

As a soon to be traveler to hot climates with my life contained in a tiny pack on my back I am not going to be wearing make up on my travels. It's something I am a bit worried about because I have awful skin and now feel naked leaving the house with nothing on my face. I never wanted to be that kind of person but insecurity made me it. I am excited to try and get over my fear and Steph's post has really inspired me!

So am mixed bag this week! What's on your blog reading radar this week?

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Pom Pom Wonder Machine

While watching Kirsty's Homemade Christmas with Mum over Christmas we stared agog at the screen as we watched Miss Allsop and Friend demonstrate a wonderful machine. A machine that made pom poms in minutes. No more cutting cardboard into donuts. No more spending hours threading a piece of wool though a too small hole. No more boredom. MAGIC. A Pom Pom Wonder Machine. 

We hastily logged onto Amazon to try and get our hands on one of these machines and to our dismay they were all sold out (we had been watching on +1, everyone obviously had got there before us) so we ended up going for super tiny pom pom makers. They arrived, I fiddled with them and within minutes I had created a perfectly formed little pom pom. You can get the just of the method below...
I know have a whole bowl of different coloured Pom Poms on the coffee table and I really don't know what to do with them. I guess I should have thought about that before buying the Pom Pom Wonder Machine.

 If you have a need for loads of Pom Poms or just fancy a  Pom Pom making spree, you can find the ones we bought here and a quick search of amazon can find you all different sizes. 

What could I do with all these Pom Poms?!

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014BC: The Great Bath Adventure

This time the 2014 Blogger Challenge was about skincare. I am the last person you want to take skincare lessons from, my skin is and always has been horrific no matter what I do. I panicked initially over the topic, I considered not even bothering. Then I was reading about the wonders of a milk bath. I could do that I thought....

I never take baths anymore. I am rubbish at sitting still doing nothing for long periods of time. I can't take a book into the bath - I would drop it. I can't try to go to sleep in the bath - I would drown. SO a bath was a long time overdue, and after a long day at work in a shop and warehouse my aching legs and chapped hands were screaming 'Bathe Me! Bathe Me!'.

I run my baths hot, and this time I poured in 3 cups of full fat milk and added a packet of some Boots Banana Bath Crystals (a Christmas gift probably from 5 years ago). I gathered all my candles, a magazine - I figured if it fell into the murky depths of the water I wouldn't miss it - and some nail polish to redo my toes. And some chocolate buttons for good measure. I was determined not to get bored. Before I stepped into the balmy, milky water I pressed play on Bo Bruce and her angelic tones filled the bathroom. Heaven. 

I am not even going to attempt to lie, but I quite enjoyed my bath experience! I gave up reading the magazine after about a minute, couldn't see my toes to paint them (damn you glasses!) and instead resorted to just floating. It was bliss!

I had read wonderous things about milk bathing, but I am not sure it really worked for me. When I was in the bath I felt a milky layer forming on my skin so I had a quick shower when I got out to wash it off. I wouldn't say my skin was particularly soft afterwards but it was very relaxing. In the long term, it's a great chance to properly exfoliate, shave and moisturize which I probably don't do enough and my gosh is it relaxing!

I have just discovered a MASSIVE bottle of Soap and Glory bubble bath in my cupboard so am definitely looking forward to bath number two!

Have you tried a milk bath? What do you put in / do when you bathe?

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Yum! I baked a cake!

Words aren't needed. Nom. 

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday Summary #2

I came across this blog this week and it my new all time favourite blog ever. I actually want to be Laura. She just casually decided to get a bike in Thailand and cycled all the way to China. Amazing.

Dear Ms. Leigh - Snow Day

Having followed the icy conditions over the pond on the news and struggling to contemplate surviving in such cold temperatures and deep snow I was kind of hoping Rachael would post some of her amazing photos of the snow. Yay!

Somewhere... Beyond the Sea - Favourite Travel Moments of 2013

Another travel one! This one has got my feet itching to get out there and see the world, especially 'The House of the Dancing Water' Show in China! Claire just shows that with a little determination you can do all sorts and see some amazing things in a year.

As you can tell, all my favourite posts this week feature awesome places, or awesome things to see in awesome places. Wanderlust much!

What have been your favourite posts this week?

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Friday, 10 January 2014

The Tea Grown in England.

 Despite the blog name, I have never done a post about tea... until today. My mum gifted me some English made tea for Christmas.  I wasn't even aware we grew and made tea in England, despite being famed for drinking it! This stuff is grown and made in Tregothnan in Cornwall, so for me is probably about as local as you can get. 
The tea plants are able to grown here due to the relatively mild climates of the South West Coast and the micro-climate the plantation sits in. It takes many years for the Tea Bush (there is a posh name but I shall not bore you with that) to develop enough to get a nice cuppa from it, so as of yet Tregothnan is the only tea producer in the UK.
It tastes great and it has the satisfaction of very few Airmiles too. I love the little tea quote on the back of the teabag packets (keeping them extra fresh) which just adds something to the tea drinking experience . We all love cute quotes right?! Due to the price, I won't be drinking this full time but I am definitely going to get some more to keep in the Cupboard for guests and special occasions when I want something more than just a PG tips! Plus what a talking point! 
Are you a massive tea drinker? What's your favourite brand / type of tea?

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Life's Cup of Tea!

I have seen a lot of other posting their blogging birthdays. "I only wish I had been blogging long enough to have a birthday!" I thought. Then a quick check revealed that the day has arrived, today is 'Life's Cup of Tea's' first birthday!

There are two reasons I am so shocked: 

1) Where on EARTH did that year go?!
2) I have managed to sustain something for a year, that is a whole 6 months longer than my cactus plant.

My first post came as I was desperately trying not to do my dissertation. It featured a pair of rabbit earrings and didn't really count as a blog post I  think. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to blog about, the pictures were taken on my phone and mainly featured earrings that I had made balanced on a pair of my fluffy slippers. I bimbled along in this confused state for a while, knowing nothing better. 

The turning point came in April just as I was revising for my finals. I  fiddled with the layout and set myself a theme. I was a lifestyle blogger and Life's Cup of Tea would be about everything and anything. I did not have to conform. If people wanted to read, they would. Another fiddle with the layout, signing up to networking sites,a failed attempted at #Blogtember and I was hooked. 

What've I achieved? What've I learnt?
1) I can stick at something for more than a week without getting bored. 
2) There are some lovely, awesome and amazingly interesting people out there!
4) I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life.
5) I have had to become way more organised. 

Blogging has really inspired me over the last year and really given me something to focus on in a murky period of life. Thank you everyone who reads and here's to the next year!

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Red Sky in the Morning...

"Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in morning, shepherds warning"

Unfortunately, I awoke to this beautiful site this morning. Literally the whole sky was pink, it was gorgeous. After 2 minutes of beauty, I gathered up my raincoat and headed out into the storm. 

This weather lore has now been confirmed as true by the contents of my soggy handbag and my now swimming pool like shoes. Stay safe tonight from the wind and rain UK, and from the cold US!

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday Summary #1

One of my little promises to myself this year is to read more blogs, and I thought this new weekly feature would be perfect to showcase my favourite posts of the week. Enjoy!

Getting the travel bug now... I adore the photos in this post and there is some really good advice on what to see / eat / stay. Maybe this could be next years holiday... :)

Hello, Terri Lowe - Poundland Nail Varnishes

Readers of my blog will know that I am a Poundland lover. So is Terri apparently. She talks good. 

The Londoner - Happy New Year

I always love the pictures Rose takes, everything is so glamourous. Especially this New Years Eve party, certainly beats my Gary Barlow TV fest!

2014 Blogger Challenge Motivation

Hopefully you all know I am taking part in the 2014 Blogger Challenge, this month it is about motivational quotes. I have been in a low place right for the last few months, and reading some of these has really ignited something inside me. Take a look at some of my favourite post...

Have you read an amazing blog post this week? Would love to hear!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014


This years first 2014 Blogger Challenge post is to share an inspirational quote for the year instead of resolutions. I hate resolutions. They have been the same for the past 5 years, and I never actually do them. 

So my quote. Please don't hit me...

You Only Live Once

There we go. I said it. YOLO. YOLO. YOLO. 

I'm not talking about the silly things some associate with the phrase. But over the past 6 months it really has given me the boost to do things. Take small (but safe!!) risks. I am truly going to be doing some amazing things this year, and I want to make the most of them. Besides, I don't know how much longer the powers who be plan on having me here on this planet. So live life as if it is your last... yolo!

Check out everyone else's post by checking out the twitter handle #2014bloggerchallenge

Happy New Year!

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