Happy 1st Birthday Life's Cup of Tea!

I have seen a lot of other posting their blogging birthdays. "I only wish I had been blogging long enough to have a birthday!" I thought. Then a quick check revealed that the day has arrived, today is 'Life's Cup of Tea's' first birthday!

There are two reasons I am so shocked: 

1) Where on EARTH did that year go?!
2) I have managed to sustain something for a year, that is a whole 6 months longer than my cactus plant.

My first post came as I was desperately trying not to do my dissertation. It featured a pair of rabbit earrings and didn't really count as a blog post I  think. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to blog about, the pictures were taken on my phone and mainly featured earrings that I had made balanced on a pair of my fluffy slippers. I bimbled along in this confused state for a while, knowing nothing better. 

The turning point came in April just as I was revising for my finals. I  fiddled with the layout and set myself a theme. I was a lifestyle blogger and Life's Cup of Tea would be about everything and anything. I did not have to conform. If people wanted to read, they would. Another fiddle with the layout, signing up to networking sites,a failed attempted at #Blogtember and I was hooked. 

What've I achieved? What've I learnt?
1) I can stick at something for more than a week without getting bored. 
2) There are some lovely, awesome and amazingly interesting people out there!
4) I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life.
5) I have had to become way more organised. 

Blogging has really inspired me over the last year and really given me something to focus on in a murky period of life. Thank you everyone who reads and here's to the next year!

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  1. Yay! Happy Blog Birthday! Here's to many more years of happy blogging! :-) x

  2. Happy Blog Birthday to you! Here's hoping for another fantastic year of blogging xx


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