Saturday Summary #2

I came across this blog this week and it my new all time favourite blog ever. I actually want to be Laura. She just casually decided to get a bike in Thailand and cycled all the way to China. Amazing.

Dear Ms. Leigh - Snow Day

Having followed the icy conditions over the pond on the news and struggling to contemplate surviving in such cold temperatures and deep snow I was kind of hoping Rachael would post some of her amazing photos of the snow. Yay!

Somewhere... Beyond the Sea - Favourite Travel Moments of 2013

Another travel one! This one has got my feet itching to get out there and see the world, especially 'The House of the Dancing Water' Show in China! Claire just shows that with a little determination you can do all sorts and see some amazing things in a year.

As you can tell, all my favourite posts this week feature awesome places, or awesome things to see in awesome places. Wanderlust much!

What have been your favourite posts this week?

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  1. Yey thank you for featuring me and my amazing cold snowy day - sadly the downpour of rain on Friday and Saturday most of the normal non piled up by the roadside snow has all melted and we've actually been in plus numbers for the past three days. It's like a heatwave at 3C degrees!

    1. Aw :( The worst part of snow is the weeks after where it is just icy, brown slush. You'll be dusting off the sunloungers soon by the sounds of things!

  2. So glad to have found your blog through the #lbloggers chat! Great set of posts - looks like we have similar tastes! :)

    ~ K

    1. Really looking forward to reading yours! Looks like you have lots of travelly stuff, just what I love! x


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