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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Marmite Vs. Vegemite.

One of my main concerns about going away for two months id the lack of Marmite. This prospect terrifies me almost as much as the danger of snakes and sharks. Luckily, I have been informed that on reaching the shores of Australia, there is a Marmite Cousin available for purchase. Vegemite. I was gifted a jar by a friend for Christmas and have decided to pit the two together. Will Vegemite really calm my marmite cravings? Or will I have to suck it up and battle on with nothing?

The battle will have 4 rounds: The Jar, Appearance, Smell and most importantly The Toast Round. Let the battle commence...

The Jar
First appearance are important here. I could be biased but the Marmite jar is a beautiful concept. I have mugs, coasters and tea towels adorned with it's design. It's institutional, so how does the Aussie version compare?
Both opted for the brown jar, yellow highlight affair. At least I will easily be able to spot Vegemite on the Aussie shelves. Vegemite quite clearly states it is "Product of Australia" ... no you don't say.
Vegemite opts for the cylinder jar (maybe easier to stockpile in your cupboards, as I am sure many Aussies do) whereas Marmite has the more space consuming bulb shaped jar. 
My final point in this category is the first time openability of the jar. In a time of need you need to be able to get into that new jar super speedy. My marmite popped open, maybe it's the practice. For my Vegemite I have to get out the old tea towel to unjam the lid. And my hand hurt. 

The lid thing, the iconic status of Marmite. Maybe if I was Aussie this outcome would be different. 

Appearance and Texture
I was expecting to see two identical looking products before my eyes. How wrong could I have been!
The Marmite has a shiny finish to it, whereas the Vegemite looks duller almost like (dare I say it) chocolate spread. 
Digging my knife into the Marmite, I faced the same problem as usual - controlling the substance. It is very gloopy and I always manage to dribble bits all over the jar and usually table / my hands. Vegemite however was a totally different story. It was like scraping butter, it was stiff and held its shape on the knife (see image above.) Post-scrape, Marmite kind of 'flowed' back to a flatish, slightly undulating surface whereas the dig I made in the Vegemite stayed put (again see above image). 

While I love Marmite's consistency, Vegemite is so much cleaner! There would be no more sticky fingers and gummed up lids.

It is often the smell that people complain about the most in terms of these yeasty pots of goodness. I love it. 
The minute I opened my Vegemite jar the smell hit me. Mmmmmm... familiar I thought. It quickly got to the back of my throat and got my taste buds tingling with anticipation. 
Upon opening the marmite, it took longer for the smell to fully hit me and unlike the Vegemite it didn't get stuck in my throat. The smell of the marmite was sharper, possibly sweeter but not as overpowering as the Vegemite which I felt charging up my nostrils. It was a strange sensation which after several sniffs made me feel a bit woozy. 


The Toast Test
The most important test of all. The toast test. How does it spread? How does it taste?
Woah, take a look at the difference! Vegemite is visibly darker more chocolate spread like? Marmite is translucent and gloopy, maybe more intimidating to the haters?
I was impressed with the spread-ability of the Vegemite.
Taste wise, I am no expert they tasted pretty similar. I think the Vegemite tasted slightly more 'earthy' while the Marmite slightly more tangy and 'sweet'. Put it this way, if they were music, Vegemite would be slightly flat, Marmite slightly sharp. The Vegemite taste, got stuck in the back of my throat a bit more (like the smell) which wasn't a bad thing!


This was a close call, they were very similar but Marmite just edged it. Maybe because I am so used to it!

I am of course probably biased, to provide a more accurate outcome I drafted in a second judge. Kevin the cat. 
Got his snout out just before contact was made!
Could I survive on a Vegemite Diet?
The answer is yes. The relief is immense, I can now focus my worries on more pressing things like sorting out my currency and getting the right visas. Vegemite will never be Marmite, and as a British girl I have my loyalties, but it's certainly a good backup for a Brit down under.  

Are you or aren't you a fan?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Running Rosie - The Journey Begins

History of Rosie Running
In my lst year at uni, my housemate and I tried very hard. We bought new jogging leggings, little Ipod wristbands and spent an age writing up a colour training plan. So when our alarms went off at 6am I shuffled down the corridor in my duvet, knocked, grunted, she grunted back and we didn't re-emerge from our beds till gone 10. Day 2 came, and still full of guilt from our failed attempt the day before we begrudgingly kitted up at the crack of dawn and headed (in a walking manner) to campus. We picked the most secluded field we could find reckoning we could easily run round it a few times. Pah!! Half way round we were dying. Feeling defeated and had to comfort ourselves with a fried breakfast. 
Day 3,4,5,6 never existed.

The Plan
As of today all this is to change. I intend to address the so far untouched potion of my Gap Year 50 and become someone who actually enjoys a bit of a jog.I think the above section has concluded that I cannot run at an early time in the morning. So this time, it's all about the evening. I also figured that by blogging my progress I will be ashamed of myself if I give up. 

The First Run
As my parents went away I decided it would be the ideal time for Run #1. No people to laugh and snear as I return red faced and dying. I kitted up, got my playlist on the go and off I went on my preplanned 2km route. It was quite embarrasing really. I jogged to the end of my road so my neighbours would think I am super fit superwoman, walked to for ages before I reached the main road then ran a bit more (dying at this point!) to look like superfit superwoman in front of the cars. I was then able to speed walk through the woods before I broke into a now pained jog back up my mountain of a road to fool the neighbours into thinking I had just done a mammoth work out. 

So... there is still a lot of work to do. My aim is to be able to jog my little 2km loop all in one go :)

Do you jog? How do you do it?

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Girl Guiding Thinking Day

Today started off at 5am, a quick cup of tea and then I headed off into the dark for a 3 mile walk to one of my favourite pieces of coast in the world. Today is Thinking Day in Girlguiding (I think Scouts call it Founders Day) and it is the day in which GirlGuides all around the world think of their sister guides all over the place. It also celebrates the birthdays of the founders of GirlGuiding and Scouting; Lord and Lady Baden Powell. 

So that is how I found myself to be standing at the top of a cliff with lots of other members of GirlGuiding UK (young and old!!) watching the sunrise on Thinking Day 2014. We were so lucky with the weather, and although there was low cloud just on the horizon, it made a spectacular sunrise. 

It also made me think, this is my 13th Thinking Day as a member of Girlguiding and I will be celebrating 14 years since making my promise as a little 8 year old later this year.For laughs I am treating you to a picture of me those 14 years ago about to do the deed. 

Have you ever been in GirlGuiding or Scouting?
Happy Thinking Day!!

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Taking Stock

 I saw this little beauty over at Michelle and Louisa's corners and thought I would give it a little go :)
Press play to Rosie's new fave tune and have a gander. 

Making: Too many cups of tea per day
Cooking: Do cups of tea count in this?
Drinking: see above. Too much tea, not a lot else
Reading: 'The Ugliest cat in the Shelter'. Trying to avoid romances at the moment :(
Wanting: To live closer to all my best friends, life is so lonely!
Looking: Like a ghost. Please sun,  give me tan!
Playing: The Sims 3 addictively
Wasting: A lot of time doing not a lot. 
Fixing:  An old chest of draws and painting white for my room
Deciding: What to do with the rest of my life... duh duh duuuuh!
Wishing: For it to be the real summer. Warm, Sunny, Pimms, BBQs...
Enjoying: Ja'mie Private School Girl on BBC3
Waiting: For 3 weeks time, when I will be flying to Thailand
Liking: Poundland. Went in after work, came out feeling great. I love that place.
Wondering: What I will be doing / Where I will be in a years time.
Loving: Having amazing friends.
Pondering: About what the future holds come August...
Considering: Going for a jog... Probably not going to happen
Watching: Hollyoaks and Neighbours. My everyday tv schedule.  
Marvelling: At the power of nature. 
Needing: My own place to put my stamp on.
Smelling: Of me. I'm not a perfume wearer. 
Wearing: Trackie bottoms, Work Uniform, PJs. This girl got no style
Following: My old universities social media feeds (still!), makes me sad :(
Noticing: Handing in. Handing in my notice at work. That works!
Knowing: That everything happens for a reason. 
Thinking: About the rubbish day I had at work. 
Feeling: Sleepy :)
Admiring: My brand new jar of Marmite. Don't want to open it and ruin that mirror like sheen new jars have. 
Buying: A bus ticket. Yay!
Getting: Older....
Bookmarking: Nothing! No real bookmark, no internet bookmark. No anything bookmarkish. 
Opening: Or contemplating opening my new jar of Marmite. See above. 
Giggling: With my good friend over the weekend over all our memories. And Simons Cat. You need to watch some Simons Cat!

What a great idea, thank's guys! Let me know if any of you give this one a go :)

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

#2014BC: High End Vs. High Stret

As a recent graduate on a part time retail workers wage who is about to go and squander everything on 2 months of backpacking, I obviously can't really afford to pop into Jimmy Choo ever other weekend to treat myself to a new pair of shoes. Who am I kidding, I can hardly even afford to pop into TopShop every 6 months to get a new pair of pants! I don't really see the point of spending £100's on shoe and clothes items, because to be honest with you, I would scuff / stain them on their first outing. I would rather invest in experiences and holidays. I do have a few 'high end' items, which I got for special occasions and guard with my life. I am too scared to use them!
So for me, high street every day at the moment. But a girl can dream right?...

(Some obviously more realistic than others... Mansion... ahem)

Do you have any little guilty pleasure high end brands?

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Today Is......

The Torbay Wheel. This is my picture :) Oh yeah!

Today is a very important day for many people around the world. A time to show our love, devotion and utter appreciation of... Ferris Wheels. That's right. It is February 14th - Ferris Wheel Appreciation day. 

I have been on 3 wheels. The London Eye. The Torbay Wheel. And a ferris wheel at my old universitys Summer ball. 

From what I have experienced they are pretty awesome. The London Eye in all it's massiveness, technology and views, to the slightly less massive but equally impressive Torbay Wheel, to the 'hang on for dear life while keeping your skirt from blowing in your face' at summer ball wheel. 

All this got me thinking, how many other amazing Ferris Wheels are there out there?

Cosmo Clock 21
This 112.5m tall wheel is located in Yokohama, Japan and is the world's largest clock. It was at one point the largest ferris wheel in the world, but time's move on. Things get bigger!

Melbourne Star
Literally a star! I am going to Melbourne in April so this large beauty has rocketed to the top of my to do list. At 120m tall, it's 7 spokes are meant to represent the 7 stars on the Aussie flag.

Mickey's Fun Wheel
This stomach churning wheel is located in Disneyland California. The carts actually slide around from the inside of the wheel to the outside as the wheel rotates (you can just about see the tracks.) Apparently they provide you with sick bags, just in case. Nice. 

Have you been on any good Ferris Wheels? 

S'pose I should add a little Happy Valentines Day here. I will be drowning my sorrows with the bestie over unlimited Ben and Jerrys.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Top 5 Films

I always get criticized for not having watched any films. As a child we never really used to watch them, hence most of the Disney I have ever seen was at Uni. I mean the first time I ever saw the Lion King was when I got taken to the theater for Christmas 2 years ago. And I didn't watch the film for at least another few months. Yes you read that right, I didn't watch The Lion King until I was in my 20's. Even so, even I have watched enough to make a top 5. Here goes...

1) Moulin Rouge
To be honest, who does't love a bit of Ewan McGregor?! 

2) Hating Alison Ashley
I'm not going to lie, I got into this film because it features my idol in life: Delta Goodrem. It's so easy going and the only film I can watch again and again... and again. I usually watch it when I am feeling really upset / stressed/ sad etc because it calms me down, it's like a baby's comfort blanket to me!

3) Sydney White
Introduced to me by my housemate last year. We watched this all the time, it is just fantastic girly, trashy film. We love any Amanda Bynes film (no, we are not 12, rather a decade older!) 

4) Les Miserables
Musical and visual bliss. I could have the soundtrack on repeat for days. Definitely couldn't catch me singing my versions in the shower...

5) Elf
I know it's a Christmas film, but it still makes my top 5 and is my favourite Christmas film.

So that's mine... What are your favourite films?

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Musings and Aims

This month has already started with a huge change in my life. It's still painful at the moment but I am sure in time I will be happier. It also signals the beginning of a new me, I know I am a month late for the whole new years resolution thing for me but is is the beginning of February that represents a major corner in my life. So here's what I am going to 

Live Life
I've not been overly happy the last few months and my Gap Year 50 has not progressed well. So this month I am going to tick some more things off.

Plan Life
I am getting on top of my life now. Now there is nothing holding me back from doing what ever I want to do. I have already applied for some jobs and have several options for what to do when I return from my travels. Super Excited. 

Get Excited
In just over a month I am jetting off for 2 months backpacking round Thailand and Australia. I cannot even explain how excited I am. We only have a few more small things to sort out (insurance :s) but I can almost taste paradise. 

All About Me
I haven't made a decision that makes ME happy in so long. I have been thinking about pleasing other people, and when I have chosen to do something for me, I have been made to feel guilty. Today this stops. For a while at least. No guilt, I am going to enjoy myself. It is so important to make yourself happy before thinking about others. 

Find Rosie
The last few months I sort of lost me, which is never a good thing. February is the month I locate, dust off and revert back to the crazy, weird and giggly Rosie I used to know.

What are you up to in February? 

p.s. Why does this month have to be so darn hard to spell?!

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Book Review: Trust Me I'm a Vet

This time around the #2014bloggerchallenge is all about books. I am not an avidly keen reader, but occasionally my mum throws a castoff of hers my way. The last book I read you can read about here (yes I know it was a long time ago!)and seeing as one of my Gap Year 50 is to read 5 books, this challenge came just at the right time!


'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' by Cathy Woodman follows city dwelling vet, Maz, as she temporarily relocates to a sleepy Devon Village to look after her best friends Vet practice. It quickly becomes apparent that not everything is as peachy as Maz thought and when the super hot rival vet Alex struts (or rides actually) into her life Maz begins to think that even she can't handle country life...


This was a pleasant read for me, it took me an age as it wasn't griped with drama. It was relatively predictable but then I quite like that in a romance novel (which this ultimately is!). I am definitely going to be seeking out some of Cathy Woodman's other books for lazy beach reading on my upcoming world trip. 

What have you been reading lately? Have you any good chilled out book recommendations for me to download for my travels?

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