Book Review: Trust Me I'm a Vet

This time around the #2014bloggerchallenge is all about books. I am not an avidly keen reader, but occasionally my mum throws a castoff of hers my way. The last book I read you can read about here (yes I know it was a long time ago!)and seeing as one of my Gap Year 50 is to read 5 books, this challenge came just at the right time!


'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' by Cathy Woodman follows city dwelling vet, Maz, as she temporarily relocates to a sleepy Devon Village to look after her best friends Vet practice. It quickly becomes apparent that not everything is as peachy as Maz thought and when the super hot rival vet Alex struts (or rides actually) into her life Maz begins to think that even she can't handle country life...


This was a pleasant read for me, it took me an age as it wasn't griped with drama. It was relatively predictable but then I quite like that in a romance novel (which this ultimately is!). I am definitely going to be seeking out some of Cathy Woodman's other books for lazy beach reading on my upcoming world trip. 

What have you been reading lately? Have you any good chilled out book recommendations for me to download for my travels?

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  1. Sometimes light reads are always worth dipping into, I know I always tend to reach for one after reading a slog or a book that takes just a far bit of concentration!


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