Marmite Vs. Vegemite.

One of my main concerns about going away for two months id the lack of Marmite. This prospect terrifies me almost as much as the danger of snakes and sharks. Luckily, I have been informed that on reaching the shores of Australia, there is a Marmite Cousin available for purchase. Vegemite. I was gifted a jar by a friend for Christmas and have decided to pit the two together. Will Vegemite really calm my marmite cravings? Or will I have to suck it up and battle on with nothing?

The battle will have 4 rounds: The Jar, Appearance, Smell and most importantly The Toast Round. Let the battle commence...

The Jar
First appearance are important here. I could be biased but the Marmite jar is a beautiful concept. I have mugs, coasters and tea towels adorned with it's design. It's institutional, so how does the Aussie version compare?
Both opted for the brown jar, yellow highlight affair. At least I will easily be able to spot Vegemite on the Aussie shelves. Vegemite quite clearly states it is "Product of Australia" ... no you don't say.
Vegemite opts for the cylinder jar (maybe easier to stockpile in your cupboards, as I am sure many Aussies do) whereas Marmite has the more space consuming bulb shaped jar. 
My final point in this category is the first time openability of the jar. In a time of need you need to be able to get into that new jar super speedy. My marmite popped open, maybe it's the practice. For my Vegemite I have to get out the old tea towel to unjam the lid. And my hand hurt. 

The lid thing, the iconic status of Marmite. Maybe if I was Aussie this outcome would be different. 

Appearance and Texture
I was expecting to see two identical looking products before my eyes. How wrong could I have been!
The Marmite has a shiny finish to it, whereas the Vegemite looks duller almost like (dare I say it) chocolate spread. 
Digging my knife into the Marmite, I faced the same problem as usual - controlling the substance. It is very gloopy and I always manage to dribble bits all over the jar and usually table / my hands. Vegemite however was a totally different story. It was like scraping butter, it was stiff and held its shape on the knife (see image above.) Post-scrape, Marmite kind of 'flowed' back to a flatish, slightly undulating surface whereas the dig I made in the Vegemite stayed put (again see above image). 

While I love Marmite's consistency, Vegemite is so much cleaner! There would be no more sticky fingers and gummed up lids.

It is often the smell that people complain about the most in terms of these yeasty pots of goodness. I love it. 
The minute I opened my Vegemite jar the smell hit me. Mmmmmm... familiar I thought. It quickly got to the back of my throat and got my taste buds tingling with anticipation. 
Upon opening the marmite, it took longer for the smell to fully hit me and unlike the Vegemite it didn't get stuck in my throat. The smell of the marmite was sharper, possibly sweeter but not as overpowering as the Vegemite which I felt charging up my nostrils. It was a strange sensation which after several sniffs made me feel a bit woozy. 


The Toast Test
The most important test of all. The toast test. How does it spread? How does it taste?
Woah, take a look at the difference! Vegemite is visibly darker more chocolate spread like? Marmite is translucent and gloopy, maybe more intimidating to the haters?
I was impressed with the spread-ability of the Vegemite.
Taste wise, I am no expert they tasted pretty similar. I think the Vegemite tasted slightly more 'earthy' while the Marmite slightly more tangy and 'sweet'. Put it this way, if they were music, Vegemite would be slightly flat, Marmite slightly sharp. The Vegemite taste, got stuck in the back of my throat a bit more (like the smell) which wasn't a bad thing!

This was a close call, they were very similar but Marmite just edged it. Maybe because I am so used to it!

I am of course probably biased, to provide a more accurate outcome I drafted in a second judge. Kevin the cat. 
Got his snout out just before contact was made!
Could I survive on a Vegemite Diet?
The answer is yes. The relief is immense, I can now focus my worries on more pressing things like sorting out my currency and getting the right visas. Vegemite will never be Marmite, and as a British girl I have my loyalties, but it's certainly a good backup for a Brit down under.  

Are you or aren't you a fan?


  1. ha ha! You can't feed a cat Marmite!

    I went to Australia for a few weeks back in 2007 and got myself hooked on Vegemite whilst I was there, I loved it spread on toast .. amazingly I don't like Marmite! Weird eh?

    1. Luckily got his snout out just in time, he is awful at eating anything that is vaguely edible! Ha, that's really weird, guess they must be more different than I thought! x

  2. That's fantastic to hear you're heading off to Australia - I hope you manage to find the time to write up a few blog posts while you're over there. First time round, I spent three weeks in Australia, fell in love with the country and the decided to go back for a year! I'm hoping that before I'm 30, I will get to use my 2nd working holiday visa. Fingers crossed! I have to say, I like both Marmite and Vegemite.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. That's great to hear, I'm open to the idea of getting a working holiday visa if I like it as I really feel I need a massive shake up! x


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