Taking Stock

 I saw this little beauty over at Michelle and Louisa's corners and thought I would give it a little go :)
Press play to Rosie's new fave tune and have a gander. 

Making: Too many cups of tea per day
Cooking: Do cups of tea count in this?
Drinking: see above. Too much tea, not a lot else
Reading: 'The Ugliest cat in the Shelter'. Trying to avoid romances at the moment :(
Wanting: To live closer to all my best friends, life is so lonely!
Looking: Like a ghost. Please sun,  give me tan!
Playing: The Sims 3 addictively
Wasting: A lot of time doing not a lot. 
Fixing:  An old chest of draws and painting white for my room
Deciding: What to do with the rest of my life... duh duh duuuuh!
Wishing: For it to be the real summer. Warm, Sunny, Pimms, BBQs...
Enjoying: Ja'mie Private School Girl on BBC3
Waiting: For 3 weeks time, when I will be flying to Thailand
Liking: Poundland. Went in after work, came out feeling great. I love that place.
Wondering: What I will be doing / Where I will be in a years time.
Loving: Having amazing friends.
Pondering: About what the future holds come August...
Considering: Going for a jog... Probably not going to happen
Watching: Hollyoaks and Neighbours. My everyday tv schedule.  
Marvelling: At the power of nature. 
Needing: My own place to put my stamp on.
Smelling: Of me. I'm not a perfume wearer. 
Wearing: Trackie bottoms, Work Uniform, PJs. This girl got no style
Following: My old universities social media feeds (still!), makes me sad :(
Noticing: Handing in. Handing in my notice at work. That works!
Knowing: That everything happens for a reason. 
Thinking: About the rubbish day I had at work. 
Feeling: Sleepy :)
Admiring: My brand new jar of Marmite. Don't want to open it and ruin that mirror like sheen new jars have. 
Buying: A bus ticket. Yay!
Getting: Older....
Bookmarking: Nothing! No real bookmark, no internet bookmark. No anything bookmarkish. 
Opening: Or contemplating opening my new jar of Marmite. See above. 
Giggling: With my good friend over the weekend over all our memories. And Simons Cat. You need to watch some Simons Cat!

What a great idea, thank's guys! Let me know if any of you give this one a go :)

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  1. I have so many pieces of furniture that need fixing up and repainting, our house is a bit of a hobble and miss match of stuff. I should probably cut back on the amount of coffee I drink and get back onto the tea!

    1. My brother has just cut back on the coffee for tea, he's loving it! At least I think / hope he is :)

  2. Oh yay, you did this. Love it.
    Happy three week countdown to you....although I think we need to talk about the Marmite thing!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Ha, you are going to love my latest post ;) x

  4. Ooh, glad you had a go! (and thanks for the shout out) :-)
    It's a fab tag to do, even if it does take quite a while to put the answers together. :-) xx


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