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Friday, 14 February 2014

Today Is......

The Torbay Wheel. This is my picture :) Oh yeah!

Today is a very important day for many people around the world. A time to show our love, devotion and utter appreciation of... Ferris Wheels. That's right. It is February 14th - Ferris Wheel Appreciation day. 

I have been on 3 wheels. The London Eye. The Torbay Wheel. And a ferris wheel at my old universitys Summer ball. 

From what I have experienced they are pretty awesome. The London Eye in all it's massiveness, technology and views, to the slightly less massive but equally impressive Torbay Wheel, to the 'hang on for dear life while keeping your skirt from blowing in your face' at summer ball wheel. 

All this got me thinking, how many other amazing Ferris Wheels are there out there?

Cosmo Clock 21
This 112.5m tall wheel is located in Yokohama, Japan and is the world's largest clock. It was at one point the largest ferris wheel in the world, but time's move on. Things get bigger!

Melbourne Star
Literally a star! I am going to Melbourne in April so this large beauty has rocketed to the top of my to do list. At 120m tall, it's 7 spokes are meant to represent the 7 stars on the Aussie flag.

Mickey's Fun Wheel
This stomach churning wheel is located in Disneyland California. The carts actually slide around from the inside of the wheel to the outside as the wheel rotates (you can just about see the tracks.) Apparently they provide you with sick bags, just in case. Nice. 

Have you been on any good Ferris Wheels? 

S'pose I should add a little Happy Valentines Day here. I will be drowning my sorrows with the bestie over unlimited Ben and Jerrys.

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  1. Hah! That's amazing, I never knew that. We used to have one that would pitch up outside our city centre office every year and people would gawp in at us while we were working. It was nice to watch it go round though.

    1. ha that's quite cool! Give's you something different to look at while slogging away! x

  2. I was totally not expecting that!!! But I LOVE it!!
    Torbaydos and London are the extent of my ferris wheel experiences but the Mickey one looks a little bit exciting. Never ever thought that would be a sentence I thought/said/typed!!!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I know right! Apparently these slidy ones are a bit of a thing! x

  3. Totally unexpected! But I love it. Ferris wheels are so amazing and I need to add them to my list of everything I need to see in the world. All the ferris wheels, polar bears and water falls in the world!

    ~ K

  4. Now this is a Feb 14th post I can get behind, aside from the London Eye i've been on the Yorkshire eye thingymebob that was by the Railway Museum years and year ago. Never actually been on any old school fairground Ferris wheels though!

  5. Ugh thse all look terrifying! haha
    I'm a massive wimp when it comes to heights and I remember freaking out on a ferris wheel at the beach when I was a kid that in retrospect must have been tiny! Not for me, but they do look very impressive!

  6. Love it!
    I'm not very good with ferris wheels after getting stuck on one at a local fun fair when I was little. But I did enjoy the London eye! Also been on the Manchester one, not as impressive!

  7. I love ferris wheels! We always go on the big one they have at Great Dorset Steam Fair at the end of August and a few years ago we went on the one they had in Weston Super Mare. We actually know someone who owns a big wheel (the smaller ones you get at the fairground) and he always lets us have a couple of free rides. :-) xx


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