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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

6 Things You Learn Working In Retail

Having concluded my time working in retail after nearly 6 years I have decided to compile a list of the lessons I have learnt during my time serving the British Public. 

1. The Customer is NEVER right.... 98% of the time. 
Yet still you have to smile and be all pleasant until you can prove to the screaming, yelling, red faced customer that actually they are very wrong. Usually with the hard proof in front of their face they still insist they are right. And we have to admit defeat...

2. It is always somehow your fault that the customer bought the wrong colour/ size/ item. 
I have an amazing talent of psychically steering customers (on my days off too!) to buy the wrong item. I can only apologise and take the abuse with a smiley happy face when it comes to refunding the bright pink jeans I subconsciously made them buy instead of the purple. 

3. On that note... You are not a psychic. 
"Do you sell that pink fluffy thing?" they ask. Umm.........

4. It's a hypocritical world...
It is fine for customers to be on the phone the ENTIRE time they are with you but God forbid you say something to a colleague during that time... Similarly, they can shout and scream at you as much as they want, but you so much as raise your voice and you are being violent and confrontational. 

5. You will never meet all your targets.
Retail isn't just about serving customers anymore, underneath all the smiles retail workers work to strict unseen targets. It might be speed, number of people signed up to certain things, number of items sold, % scores in mystery shops. The chances are you can never meet 100% of them all the time. You get over it. 

6. Nice customers can make your day
Having a pleasant customer makes the day. This is my plea to you, the readers of Life's Cup of Tea, if you get a chance to leave feedback about your service do it! It only takes a few minutes and could really make someones day (especially if getting good feedback is one of your silly targets, see point 5)

So there we are. It's been enlightening. Educating. Have you / Do you work in retail? What's your pet hate?

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Monday, 17 March 2014

About Me: I love...

Taking a quick glance over my 'About Me' page, I realised I have never elaborated my loves and my hates. SO here goes, an elaborated version of my loves. 

Both the playing and the listening. I have been musical since year 3 when wee reached the age to start recorder club at school. I progressed to the treble recorder, joined choir then started learning the clarinet by Year 5. I had the same clarinet teacher right up until I left sixth form, so he saw it all. The toddler tantrums, the tomboy stage, the 'I don't care' stage, the exams, the boyfriend, the leaving home. At uni I kept playing in band and was on the Music Society committee for 2 years aswell as starting the Ukulele and Choir. So music has been with me for a long time. I have made some of my best friends, been to some fab places and have of course developed a bit of a skill!

The Sea
I've always lived close to the sea, and never really ralised how much I missed it until I moved to a University inland. While at uni, I did a lot of nautically stuff and a lot of work on ships, which made a fundamental part of my uni experience. Again my best friends come from that experience and I went to some fab places; Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands.

In fact, due to this being a scheduled post, tomorrow I will be (hopefully, if all on my travels is going to plan) be departing a hut in the middle of the Jungle for this beaut of a place. Koh Tao. Please don't hate me! 


There is nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch, and handmade stuff makes the nicest gifts. I stopped crafting at uni but since I have become a child at home once more, I can tap into mums resources. Mwah Ha Ha Ha. 

My one true passion in life. Ever since a Year 3 (bit of a year 3 pattern here, impressionable age!) project on St Lucia I fell in love with places, a spark of Wanderlust was lit and before long BOOM! There I was at uni doing the subject I loved. Even my ex got jealous at points over my love for my subject. No jokes. I would have dated geography if I could. To be honest, the frequent late night library visits, coffees over volcanic textbooks and heated arguments with my assignments sure felt like a real romance!


If Geography were a man he'd be: understanding, like human geographies; fun and exciting, like tectonics; trustworthy, like the World Health Organisation website (or that's what we learnt!) ; well rounded, like pebbles on an eroded beach; keen for adventure, like a field trip; not totally stuck in their ways, like development geography and finally; caring, like ecology. 


Drinking Tea and Eating Cake. 
No explanation needed.
See herehere and here

What are your loves in life? Would love to here your passions, no matter how strange and wonderful!

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Monday, 10 March 2014

24 Hours to Go!

So after nearly 18 months in the pipeline, 8 months of working solid to save and having to adapt to being a home child once more, the day is finally here. Tomorrow I depart for Thailand!! Form then on it is hopefully going to be exotic bliss until May when I arrive back. 

I am currently in that 'What could I have forgotten?!' and 'How am I going to fit all this in my bag?' stage of the game. I am 90% sure I won't sleep a wink tonight and for tea this evening I am going to have my favourite meal (Cheese and Bacon pasta FYI)just in case I can't eat anything for the next month - I am a real fussy eater!!

So yep. Super excited Rosie right now. I have scheduled a few posts for when I am away (hence the recent lack of new stuff) but hopefully I will be able to post a little bit while on my travels :)

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kitty, Kitty Patterned Nails

This fortnights #2014bloggerchallenge is all about nails. I used to blog loads about nails but then I got busy and my hands got super damaged by my job (which I finish today!) so I kind of stopped. So this topic was ideal for me! On one of my many Poundland trips I picked up this little Sally Hansen kit. 
Included are 2 little sachets of nail stickers, a cuticle stick and nail file. And a very detailed little instruction manual. First I had to totally clean my nails and get all the old polish off before selecting the right fitting stickers. I have teeny tiny nails and even I found some to fit me, though it did take a bit of trimming. I also put a few layers of topcoat over the top just to be super safe. 
Here is the finished product! It took quite a long time to do, and the first few turned out awful. It's been a week since I did it and the stickers are still stuck fast, which is prety impressive for me. I also have one of the little blister packets left, enough for another manicure. I have had lots of compliments about them as well which is always nice.  
I would definitely recommend these, although it does take time. I think I am going to use my remaining stickers to do a feature nail and paint the rest. This will be a lot faster yet still have good impact. 
Have you ever tried nail stickers?

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Single, Not Ready To Mingle.

Source from Pinterest
 Today's post is a bit of a moan and a rant because well I feel like it. 

Since me and my boyfriend of 4 years split up a month ago, I have just bumbled along keeping myself busy with work and travel plans. There have been good days and bad days (queue the tissues and copious chocolate), days where I KNOW it was right for us to split and days where just want it back how it was. Some day's I don't think much of it, some days I just can't stop. One thing that's remained pretty constant is that I have absoloutely no interest in other men right now. Like even if Ewan McGregor walked into the oom with a rose between his teeth I would be just 'meh'. I have genuinely not even thought about a romantic life after the split, apart from what it won't involve - Him.
So when today, a month to the day that my little heart was shattered, I was contacted by someone I knew a while back wondering if I wanted to go for a drink I actually felt physically sick. Conveniently I am going away in a few days time for 2 months anyway so I don't have time anyway, good reason. Nevertheless I have now got myself into a right old tizz. I haven't been in this situation since I was 17, over 4 years ago! I got comfortable, relaxed and lost touch with the whole dating game. I know that when / if I meet someone it will feel natural and all that,but the one thing I have learnt today is that I am definitely not ready to move on. And also that my flight out of this continent can't come fast enough!
It's going to be a long journey before I can move on, hopefully my trip away will help me a little and help me get to know myself again. 
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